‘Legend Of The Blue Sea’ Episode 14 Preview Leaked! Will Shim Cheong’s Real Identity Be Exposed?

The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 14 is making a huge wave online as a preview of the upcoming January 4 episode was leaked online, revealing some exciting twists in the top-rated Korean drama.

Fans of the show are at the edge of their seats after Episode 13 of The Legend Of The Blue Sea was aired where Heo Joon Jae played by Lee Min Ho finally uncovered what happened to Kim Dam Ryung — his identity in an alternate universe set sometime in the Joseon era— at the time of his death.

Unfortunately, the airing of The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 14 was postponed which was supposedly set for December 29, 2016, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

The reason behind the delay remains unclear though SBS, the Korean TV network behind the popular fantasy romance drama opted to showcase a special episode that features the highlights of The Legend Of The Blue Sea.

Originally reported by Soompi, the announcement merely promised to air a director’s cut of how the relationship of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Yun’s characters have developed during the first 13 episodes of the series.

During a previous episode of the show, Joon Jae fell in love with Shim Cheong played by Jun Ji Hyun which gave him the ability to hear her “real voice.” At this point in the show, Lee Min Ho’s present day character also uncovered his link to Kim Dam Ryeong, a village head who fell in love with a mermaid he called Se Hwa also played by Jun Ji Hyun.

Simultaneously, Kim Dam Ryeong have also discovered the existence of Joon Jae in what he described as a “strange dream” and have come to accept that they are one and the same.

With this in mind, Kim Dam Ryeong also figured out that what happens during his era will also happen in Joon Jae’s time which specifically means that they both would fall in love with a mermaid with the same face and encounter similar troublesome people that would threaten their love.

With this knowledge, Joon Jae was able to learn about the problematic encounters he and Shim Cheong would face and was able to prevent dangers to come to her.

In Episode 13, Joon Jae finally decided to learn what happens during Dam Ryeong’s death where he discovers that he died protecting Se Hwa from evil men who wish to use her to gain wealth and power.

Because of this, fans were left eagerly waiting for the airing of the The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 14 which was delayed due to unclear reasons, per Yibada English.

But while The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 14 is yet to be released, excited fans were treated to a preview of the upcoming installment of the show which was leaked over Facebook.

Though the 41-second video did not include English subtitles, it revealed how Joon Jae’s conman partner and friend, Jo Nam Doo (Lee Hee Joon) might stumble upon Shim Cheong’s real identity.

Apparently, Shim Cheong finds herself immersed in swimming as a silver-tailed mermaid in Joon Jae’s indoor pool where Jo Nam Doo walks in and was obviously taken aback.

Though the clip did not particularly show the two in the same room, fans are speculating that the mermaid’s real identity has been exposed to Joon Jae’s shady friend considering that the clip ended with a scene where he uttered, “No way.”

The Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 14 and upcoming installments will reveal more about Joon Jae and Shim Cheong’s fate especially after the evil Ma Dae Young (Sung Dong Il) confirmed his dreams about his past life regarding a mermaid in their midst, per a separate report from Soompi.

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[Featured Image by SBS]