Kylie Jenner Puts Her Ample Booty On Full Display As She Shares Vacation Pics

Kylie Jenner is fond of two things: wearing bikinis and showing off her booty. The 19-year-old already took to Instagram this year to share a photo of her ample derrière as she poses in a pool.

Her friend and model Jordyn Woods sits beside her as the two give flirty looks to the camera. Jenner is seen leaning over the poolside as she flaunts her rounded backside in a black and lime green mesh suit. Viewers’ eyes are immediately drawn to Kylie’s booty as it seems to be the main focus of the photo.

She simply captioned the photo with one of her popular sayings — “lil babies.”

lil babies

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The post in question seems to be a throwback as it features a tropical vibe not found at Jenner’s Southern California home, or perhaps the youngest Jenner has already jetted off for her first vacation of the new year. The house behind the girls has a thatch roof and there are plenty of palm trees in the area and lounge chairs nearby. Kylie quickly followed the image up with another shot of her lounging in the mesh swimsuit. This time, however, only her face and back are visible, but so is ample side boob.

Jenner also shows off her tiny red heart tattoo on the back of her left arm as shadows fall across her face. She used an emoji palm tree to caption the less-revealing image. Several hours later, Kylie posted yet another photo from her pool day as she once again put her backside on display. She’s seen leaning forward while seductively looking over her shoulder at the camera.

Kylie captioned the image with a somewhat joke as she said “new year who dis.” She wears her long dark hair down for the photo, clearly focused more on posing than on actual sunbathing. In just an hour, the latest Instagram post received over 530,000 likes from Jenner’s 82.6 million followers.

Fans also took to commenting on the first photo, which received over 1.5 million likes, to show their support of figure and model-like pose.

“Kylie looks good in the position”

new year who dis

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However, some people pointed out Kylie is up to her old antics as she flaunts her controversial assets.

“I guess it hasn’t changed since last year so what do I care?”

The Kardashian-Jenner sister is fighting off rumors she’s had work done to make her booty bigger. Us Weekly reported on the rumors as Jenner took to her app in October to deny the claims. The teen credited her weight gain with the difference in appearance as her booty seemed to grow over the last year or two.

“[I haven’t had] a** implants. You know, I used to be 120 [pounds]. I was really skinny. Now I’m pushing, like, 136. But it’s all right, I like the chunkiness.”

Kylie went on to add that she knows how to work her angles, and that can be evidenced in her latest Instagram posts.

“I don’t really think I have the fattest a**, but I know my angles.”

Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans ????Get them at ???? #ad

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Jenner is also catching heat for another Instagram photo she posted this week. The cosmetics mogul sits with her back to the camera as she poses to showcase her bootylicious backside. Fans are claiming Jenner Photoshopped the image to make her butt appear bigger.

Refinery 29 commented on the controversy in an article that discusses whether or not the photo is edited.

“In usual Kylie Jenner fashion, her backside was on full display. Like full, full display. Almost…too full.”

Fans went above and beyond as the article claims they compared the jeans on Kylie to the one’s on the brand’s website. People were not happy with what they found.

“After comparing the photo on social media to the photo of the jeans on the brand’s website, fans noticed a remarkable difference in the structure of the pants online versus how they supposedly sit on the lip kit queen.”

Fans noticed the belt loops to be oddly stretched out in Jenner’s post as compared to the online photo. This left people questioning the authenticity of Kylie’s post.

“I mean, we knew Jenner’s butt was impressive, but can it really stretch a belt loop that much? Is each cheek really the size of her own head?”

While Jenner has admitted to getting lip fillers, she adamantly denies any other plastic surgery. This leaves fans trying to guess if her body is actually natural and achievable, or if Kylie is selling her fans an unattainable body image.

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