UFO News: North Carolina Witness ‘Numb’ After Triangle UFO Sighting

In UFO news today, a third report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) that emerged three days after an apparent double sighting of Triangle UFO craft points to some kind of triangle event over North and South Carolina in the last week of December of 2016. The witness in this triangle UFO sighting, reporting from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, reported observing the craft for five minutes, before a brief distraction caused him to lose sight of it. Unlike the report from South Carolina, the triangle UFO sighting in today’s news is of only one craft, and it had a unique aspect to it. The UFO made a movement that is surprising.

“I was traveling n ne and observed a large, black triangle with solid, bright white lights at each corner (one per corner). i stopped my vehicle, rolled my window down and shut off my car. it made no sound, hovered approx @100’elevation and seemed to list s then n as if in a light wind. i observed the object for approximately five minutes and looked away at incoming traffic and looked back to see that the object had vanished. there was no trace of it nor any sign of it in the night sky.

This report is special in its own right, as it represents a third in a set of UFO reports over two nights in North Carolina. Witnesses reported seeing triangle UFO craft in all three of the reports. In South Carolina, the witness reported triangle UFO craft entering and exiting a larger star shaped craft that was covered in the news. The witness in Winston-Salem reported that the UFO was hovering at 100 feet when it made a movement that the witness considered important enough to mention.

Mockup of 3D UFO command Center

The “list” of the UFO that the witness reported was curious. If the witness observed the UFO correctly, then it moved almost like a balloon on a tether. The witness even mentions that the craft looked as though it was being affected by a light breeze.

Some will recall the Columbus, Ohio triangle UFO sighting in the news where the witness stated that she thought the triangle UFO was about to crash. After the UFO dipped, the witness in Ohio lost sight of it. In the Winston-Salem UFO report, the news is that the witness lost sight of the UFO after being distracted by traffic.