Kylie Jenner Flaunts Barely-There Tattoo In Honor Of Tyga

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister has a new tattoo, and it’s a tiny one for Tyga.

Apparently the 19-year-old Jenner has had the tattoo for some time now, but it’s so small and discreet that fans are just now noticing the ink. Kylie opted to get a small letter “T” on the inside of her left ankle, which is fitting given all her other tattoos are tiny and barely visible.

Elite Daily discussed Kylie’s latest ink addition in an article that points out all the times it was visible, yet nobody seemed to take notice.

“Kylie is believed to have gotten the tattoo last month by artist Rafael Valdez, reports TMZ. He’s the same guy who inked her up back in December 2015.”

TMZ first reported on spotting the little ankle tattoo on December 31 as Kylie rocked a pair of leather lace-up pants.

“The lip and booty queen got the tattoo last month — courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist Rafael Valdez — but only now it’s noticeable after a quick touch up. Check it out… it’s a lower case T, for Tyga, of course.”

The photos show Kylie leaving the tattoo shop after apparently getting her ink touched up. A small black mark is visible in the paparazzi photo, but it isn’t until the photo is zoomed in on that one can tell it’s actually a new tattoo. Elite Daily added that since fans now know about the tattoo, it’s recognizable in Jenner’s past Instagram posts.

For example, a small black dot is clearly visible on this post of Kylie wearing a bikini while vacationing in Miami. It’s so small that fans didn’t even notice or think anything about it— until now.

“She’s had the tattoo for some time, but no one picked up on it. You can just about make out the tiny thing in this photo posted on her Instagram four weeks ago.”


A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

However tiny and cute the tattoo may be, the writer for Elite Daily seems to think it was a bad idea on Kylie’s part. They state there is no way the teenager and 27-year-old rapper will get married and stay together forever, meaning Kylie will eventually need to remove or cover the ink.

“Look, I’ll bite my tongue if these guys actually stay together, get married and have loads of terrible babies. But that is 100 percent not going to happen, so marking yourself up with someone else’s name is just asking for trouble.”

Meanwhile, Glamour had something completely different to say about Kylie’s latest tattoo as the site shared an article that supported her decision.

“But this blob is one of the most romantic declarations of love in celebrity history. It’s unfiltered! Raw! Kylie Jenner is a modern-day William Shakespeare.”

Apparently the tattoo is being viewed as a sign that Kyga will stay together and is really in love.

“I really hope she listened to ‘Rack City’ as she had this done and sang along. A couple who gets tiny tattoos together stays together, after all.”

While celebrity sites may have opinions on Jenner’s tiny “T,” it’s the fans who are really speaking out about the news. Twitter users took to TMZ‘s post to share their opinions, and let’s just hope Kylie never reads these tweets. Some commenters had their own ideas about what the “T” stands for, and it isn’t for Tyga.

“Are you sure is not for Trash?”

“or Tramp”

While fans may not be supporting Jenner’s decision to tattoo her boyfriend’s initial on her body, nobody is shocked by her action. The letter is just one of several small tattoos Kylie sports, which includes a small red heart on the back of her arm, the word “sanity” written in red across the top of her backside, a red design on her finger, and her grandmother’s name also in red written in her grandfather’s handwriting.

Bustle reported on Jenner getting the heart inked on her arm, saying it represented all the love in her life. However, the site added it was a better way to honor her relationship with Tyga rather than getting his name inked on her body.

“This includes the love of her BF, Tyga, which is actually kind of sweet… and a much better way of paying tribute to a relationship on your body that doesn’t involve your significant other’s name, which would quickly become a nightmare the minute the relationship goes south.”

The article quotes Seventeen, which said Jenner posted a Snapchat video showing off a black-ink tattoo that fans suspect is Tyga’s real name, Michael, on her hip.

“Fans are speculating that it could say ‘Freedom.’ It could also say ‘Michael,’ Tyga’s real name (after all, it was just revealed he’s got Kylie’s name inked on his arm, so maybe she’s returning the ink).”

It appears the couple is into paying tribute to one another in permanent ways as Jenner shows off her latest addition.

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