WWE News: Main Event Superstar Shockingly Turns Heel On ‘SmackDown LIVE’ – Randomly Attacks Two Fan Favorites

This is something that many thought was a long time coming month by month, but it just never seemed to happen. Finally, it took place and it was done in pretty impressive fashion. This evening on SmackDown LIVE, Dolph Ziggler had a match with Baron Corbin that didn’t exactly go his way, but his night was far from over. Before the evening would come to an end, Dolph Ziggler ended up attacking two WWE fan favorites and turning heel.

On this Tuesday evening, there was a lot that took place on SmackDown LIVE and that includes Baron Corbin officially joining the Royal Rumble match. He is the first superstar from Team Blue to enter the match, but he had other things to do and that included a match with Dolph Ziggler.

wwe news main event star dolph ziggler heel turn kalisto apollo crews

As many fans know, these two have had a series of matches for months now, and this evening, Corbin came out on top as recapped by the official website of WWE. After the match was over, Corbin began to beat down Ziggler with a steel chair, but Kalisto ran out to the ring and made the save.

This is where things get a little weird.

As Dolph Ziggler got to his feet, he didn’t really want to accept the help of Kalisto and ended up superkicking the former Lucha Dragons head almost off his shoulders. He then leaned down in the face of Kalisto and began berating him while he was out cold on the mat.

Actually, Ziggler stood over top of Kalisto and screamed “I don’t need you!” at the top of his lungs, but that wasn’t the only heel tactic he showed tonight.

Later, in the backstage locker room, Ziggler walked in and was confronted by a group of superstars including Apollo Crews, Mojo Rawley, and Rhyno. Crews stood up and in Ziggler’s face to stand up for Kalisto, but it only ended in “The Showoff” delivering a vicious headbutt.

Crews fell backward as Ziggler kept beating him down and delivering hit after vicious hit. If his heel turn hadn’t been cemented with his beatdown of Kalisto, then this certainly had done it.

wwe news main event star dolph ziggler heel turn kalisto apollo crews

Dolph Ziggler has had a lot of understood frustration as of late, and it is no surprise that he finally made his heel turn. As reported by ESPN, Ziggler captured the number one contender spot for the WWE Championship back in mid-December, but he never really got the chance to go after the belt held by AJ Styles.

Over the next couple of weeks, Ziggler had to face Baron Corbin again for the number one contender spot even though he had already captured it. Then, it turned into a Triple Threat Match last week for the WWE Championship which was won by Styles who retained his title.

Now, Ziggler was back to facing off with Corbin again in a singles match and he lost clear in the ring. It isn’t surprising that he kind of went off and blew up, but no-one expected him to have a full on heel turn by taking out Kalisto and Apollo Crews.

It will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

Dolph Ziggler has been a babyface for far too long in WWE and it isn’t like the fans are against cheering for him. Still, the hardcore wrestling fans have a soft spot for “Heel Ziggler” and have to be happy about this turn on tonight’s episode of SmackDown LIVE. Ziggler’s heel turn means that the feud with Baron Corbin is officially over and it never hurts to see someone viciously attack Kalisto and Apollo Crews for no reason. Now, let’s see what he does at the Royal Rumble.

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