Pro Wrestling News: Teddy Hart Arrested On New Year’s Day While Intoxicated And Evading Police

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Wrestling star Teddy Hart was arrested for driving while intoxicated and evading police on New Year’s Day

According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, Edward Annis, better known to pro wrestling fans as Teddy Hart, was arrested on New Year’s Day. The article goes on to say that he was stopped by the Arlington Police Department in Texas for a traffic violation, which escalated to him trying to run away from an officer who was attempting to make the arrest. Hart is currently behind bars, and his bail is set for $6,500.

This is not the first time Teddy Hart has had trouble with the law. According to his interview with Rolling Stone, Hart was wanted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on December 3, 2014, with counts of multiple sexual assault charges, which were dropped in June of 2016.

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Teddy Hart has had multiple run-ins with the lawFeatured image credit: Open Sky Pictures

A member of the famed Hart family, Teddy Hart was destined for success since the day he was born. His grandfather is the patriarch of the Hart dynasty, Stu Hart. Hart’s cousin is current WWE superstar, Natalya Neidhart, and one cannot forget his WWE Hall of Fame uncle, Bret “Hitman” Hart.

At the age of 16, Hart wrestled on the opening card of a house show in his hometown of Calgary, and at 18, he became the youngest person to ever sign a WWE contract. Throughout his up-and-down career, he also spent some time in Ring of Honor and Total Nonstop Action, better known as TNA Wrestling.

In 2006, Hart signed a developmental deal with the WWE once again. He was paired with his cousins, Harry Smith, who is the son of the late British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, and T.J Wilson, who is married to Hart’s cousin, Natalya Neidhart. His career seemed to be heading in the right direction as the trio was dubbed the “Next Generation Hart Foundation.” Later in the year, however, he was released once again.

There haven’t been many wrestling organizations who have been asking for Hart’s services as of late, mainly due to his antics outside the ring. That has caused a rift even with some of the wrestlers in the organizations he has worked for.

In one instance, Teddy Hart had competed for Ring of Honor. After the match was over, instead of selling his injuries to make his opponent look stronger, he insisted on going on top of the cage that was part of the match earlier, and performed a moonsault, causing many wrestlers to be irked by his antics, as wrestlers feared for their safety due to Hart’s inappropriate actions.

Hart is also one to not shy away from personal rivlaries. He spoke with Wrestling Inc. about his personal rivalry with former WWE and current UFC Superstar CM Punk. Hart and CM Punk had been around one another during their time with Ring of Honor. Punk was one of the more outspoken individuals in regards to Hart’s antics during the infamous cage match that led to a lot of people in the wrestling industry to call him reckless. Hart had this to say regarding his history with Punk.

“It was over doing too many moves in ROH, and he had the courage to come up to me. He threw the first slap, and it led to us being friends down the road when I saw his true talents. I didn’t know he was that talented until he moved into the WWE. You can ask the five people that were there — Jack Evans, Petey Williams, Johnny Devine, Sabu, Chris Sabin — I’ve not heard those guys say it was anything but a squash. I hope after a year of MMA training, CM Punk would beat me up in a fight, but at least I would fight. I’d think I’m tough enough to go a couple of rounds with anybody in the UFC. I don’t think I’d win a fight against any of them, but I’d last a round or two before getting tapped out or knocked out.”

At 36-years-old, the window is just about over for Teddy Hart to make a comeback in the WWE. While he had plenty of opportunities at another chance with a major promotion, his latest arrest may have tarnished any hopes of that happening.

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