Soulja Boy Robbed While Filming Instagram Live Video To Prove He Lives In The Hood, Critics Wonder If Incident Was Staged

Soulja Boy wanted to prove he really lived in the hood, so the rapper went to Compton to film an Instagram Live video — and ended up getting robbed while the internet was watching.

The rapper’s jaunt into the hood came during a day of feuding with Chris Brown online, fueling speculation that the entire incident could have been staged.

In the Instagram Live video, Soulja Boy took to the streets of Compton to let all his followers know that he was indeed from the streets. That’s when it went terribly wrong, Hip Hop Early reported.

“They say Soulja ain’t from the hood,” the rapper said, walking with a group of men.

At that time, Soulja Boy put his arm around a man who grew angry and shoved the rapper away.

The picture cut out as there were sounds of a scuffle, and at the end, someone else picked up the phone and the video ended. The final seconds made it appear as if Soulja Boy had been robbed, though there was no immediate evidence to support that and the man could have been with the rapper.

The video came amid a very public spat between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. After the “Crank That” rapper liked a picture of Brown’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, Soulja Boy told his followers on Twitter that Brown threatened to fight him.

Soulja Boy alleged robbed while streaming live video.

“Chris brown just called me and said he wanna fight me because I liked @karrueche picture on Instagram this ni**a a bi**h,” Soulja Boy wrote.

In the back-and-forth between the two musicians, Soulja Boy taunted Brown for his 2009 domestic violence arrest and accepted Brown’s challenge to a fight.

“Aye @chrisbrown pull up ni**a I’ll knock yo Bi**h A** out stop snorting so much coke ni**a,” Soulja Boy wrote, making a reference to a gang.

Soulja Boy alleged robbed while streaming live video.

The Instagram Live video that appeared to show Soulja Boy being robbed seemed to be an outcropping of this feud, with Soulja trying to prove that he does come from the ghetto.

A follow-up from the next day may offer more explanation on the fight. BET posted another video of the incident, showing Soulja Boy squaring up to fight and discarding his phone. The phone was then picked up by a member of the other crew but may not have been stolen.

“Afterward, he must have been able to retrieve his phone, as the flexing doesn’t end with the sudden street showdown between Soulja’s crew and the other men. Finishing his excursion through Compton, he gets back to the regularly scheduled program, yelling out ‘soo woo’ in allegiance to the infamous Piru Blood gang, recording members of his entourage giving the neighborhood some graffit treatment and flashing off his sparkly jewelry.”

It’s not clear if the video appearing to show Soulja Boy being robbed on Instagram Live is legitimate. There were some commenters noting that the entire situation seemed a bit odd and that it could have been staged to draw attention to the rapper.

Soulja Boy has been accused of stretching the truth in the past. In an interview with DJ Vlad, he claimed to have stopped a home invasion by five robbers by shooting them.

“One ni**a run to the front door. I hop out, I start shooting, shot the ni**a,” he said. “Shot his a**. All the ni**as run out the door. This ni**a on the floor. [I] walk up to this ni**a, take his mask off his head. Looked at, saw who it was. I’m like, ‘Damn.’ Shot his a** again. He screaming and s**t. I shut the door.”

But a police report painted the incident differently, with the victim claiming that he slapped Soulja Boy before the shooting took place and that the victim was alone with Soulja Boy.

Video of Soulja Boy’s alleged robbery can be seen here.

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