Stassi Schroeder Next To Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’? Her Future Plans

Stassi Schroeder could be the latest blonde and queen bee who’s leaving Vanderpump Rules. It was just confirmed that fellow castmate Lala Kent was leaving in the middle of the Season 5 Bravo series. Rumors are now swirling that Stassi may make another exit from the show after she just made her return as a full-time cast member.

Vanderpump Rules may soon say goodbye to Stassi Schroeder once again. She recently opened up about the future of her role on the reality show and why she doesn’t agree with its editing. Schroeder made an appearance on the Allegedly podcast With Theo Von and Matt Cole and revealed why Season 5 may be her last. She is mad over the editing and blames the show’s producers for manipulating the audience.

“I know I got drunk and fought with that person,” she said of her fight with Scheana Marie on last week’s episode. “I get that – and this is what our job is – but it feels different now. Normally I can handle people telling me to go kill myself, but that’s because I feel like I deserved it. I don’t feel like last night’s episode was an accurate depiction of what happened.

“I’ve been that reality TV villain, and I’ve had people say awful things, and I’ve had people not like me based on what they saw on TV and I handled it. This time, I felt like the episode – I’m gonna get in major trouble for this – but I don’t feel like I was edited fairly. I’m just like, ‘Why? This is now how it went down. This is not what I’m trying to convey and you guys knew that,’ and so I feel like people are seeing like.002 percent of what I feel happened.”

Stassi added that she does not like the way she has been treated outside of the show. She has had offensive and vulgar remarks made directed at her to her face and on social media. Stassi swears she is not the person that people think she is on reality TV, which makes her wonder about her future on Vanderpump Rules. She admits that she has some days when she wakes up and asks herself if she still wants to be on reality TV ever again.

Schroeder added that she “doesn’t trust” the show’s producers thanks to the unpleasant editing of her character. She has threatened to quit the show because of it. Meanwhile, rumors are swirling that the Bravo producers were trying to “force” the original cast off the show in order to replace them with actual young cast members who work at SUR. In return, the show’s veterans fought back by forcing Lala and James Kennedy off the show, reports Reality Tea.

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As for Stassi, she doesn’t think she will follow through with her threat and quit the show, though. She believes that she’s good at reality TV, especially when it comes to being a “villain” or “b****y.” In her post-reality TV future, Stassi hopes to become the female version of Howard Stern with her own podcast.

These recent comments come after Schroeder admitted that she contemplated suicide multiple times due to her scenes on Vanderpump Rules, but she added that she wasn’t ready to leave the show just yet. She has, however, decided to take a break from social media after her meltdown, but has already returned to both Instagram and Twitter. Then, Schroeder revealed that she also contemplated suicide after ex-boyfriend Frank Herilhy shopped around her sex tape after the show’s first season.

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As reported via Radar Online, restaurateur and reality star Lisa Vanderpump paid Herilhy $900 to stop him from selling the self-made, solo, self-pleasuring sex tape. Stassi admitted that she used her iPhone to make the private footage, in which she was fully nude and pleasuring herself with a sex toy.

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