Netflix ‘The Crown’ Will Feature Charles And Diana Drama, But Not In Season 2

The Crown has a huge viewership, but fans are starting to wonder when they will see the royal dramas that they remember, including the Prince Charles and Princess Diana drama, from courtship to divorce, and Diana’s death. But creator Peter Morgan is saying not so fast to those who want to see Charles and Diana, and says that with the current timeline, many other things must take place before Prince Charles can choose a partner.

Before we can launch into the current generation of royals, The Crown will add some new characters, including a new Prime Minister, and a new love interest for Princess Margaret, says the Inquisitr. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip will also have two more children, and Princess Anne will get married before Prince Charles, who married late in life, finds Princess Diana for the first, epic royal wedding televised around the world. But audiences should not be concerned that there won’t be enough drama in the mean time before Charles and Diana and Andrew and Fergie, and their subsequent divorces.

After binge-watching the first season of The Crown, many fans have been vocal that they would like to see the story of Charles and Diana told by Peter Morgan, according to Vanity Fair. Season one of The Crown stopped at 1955, spanning nearly 10 years, and Morgan says that each season will cover approximately the same range of time. The royal wedding of Charles and Diana takes place in 1981, so obviously, there will be a wait.


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But Peter Morgan says that fans will first see Diana at the end of Season 3 of The Crown, as Prince Charles meets Diana Spencer. As promised, after Season 2, new actors will play Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip due to the time jump, but those actors have yet to be cast.

Vanity Fair wonders if the monarchy sympathetic Peter Morgan will portray Charles accurately, as the world saw him, in the long run, as the bad guy in his marriage to Princess Diana. But before any of this, Morgan will put the microscope on Prince Philip, and his days as an alleged scoundrel.

Peter Morgan says that in Season 2, we start to see Prince Philip’s backstory, and we will also see Prince Charles through his formative years.

“We start to focus on Charles as a young boy and his education, and on Philip and his backstory. We glance backward to Philip’s childhood and his upbringing, and how that might have impacted him as a man, a father and as Prince Consort—which is fascinating.”

The new series will take place from 1957 to 1964, when the story of the British monarchy really leaves the past behind and moves into the modern day, according to Morgan.

“It’s goodbye to a different, Edwardian, post-Imperial world. We get a classlessness and a modernity beginning to creep in. It is going to be terrific.”

The next scandalous story line will involve Princess Margaret, who turns out to be quite the party girl, living a wilder life than her sister, Queen Elizabeth, says Vanessa Kirby, who plays the princess.

“She meets [the photographer and her eventual husband] Antony Armstrong-Jones, and she goes head first into a completely new, exciting, dangerous, volatile, dysfunctional relationship and then marriage.”

Not to give anything away, but the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret will once again be put to the test as Princess Margaret, the mother of two, who wants a divorce.

So Diana and Charles will have to wait, but Peter Morgan has plenty of stories to tell in the mean time that will keep viewers coming back for more.

Are you excited to see Season 2 of The Crown?

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