Charles Manson Out Of Prison, Hospitalized For Serious Illness [Breaking]

Charles Manson has been moved from Corcoran State Prison, where he has spent the last 46 years, due to what is being called a “serious illness.” It’s unknown at this time exactly what medical issue he is experiencing because the medical information of inmates is protected by law, but sources confirmed to the Los Angeles Times that he is still alive.

About 4:30 p.m. PT, TMZ reported that the hospital to which Manson was transported is located in Bakersfield, about an hour from Corcoran State Prison. They say he was taken to the emergency room for a condition they described as “gastrointestinal issues.”

The 82-year-old is serving nine life sentences for conspiracy to commit the violent and bloody murder of actress Sharon Tate and four other people at her home in 1969. Tate was married to director Roman Polanski at the time of her death and was eight-and-a-half months pregnant with their child. Polanski was out of town at the time and was not among the victims. The night after that grisly murder, Charles Manson drove with some of his other followers to the home of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. When they arrived, he instructed his followers to kill the couple. He waited in the car while they did so.

@raazonair -- Welp, looks like 2017 is already off to an interesting start for Bakersfield. ???? @tmz reports: 4:30 PM PT -- One of our sources who initially told us Manson was taken from Corcoran State Prison to a Bakersfield hospital tells us the convicted murderer was rushed to the ER for gastrointestinal issues. ---------------------------------- Charles Manson has been taken out of the prison where he will spend the rest of his life ... into a hospital ... TMZ has learned. Manson left California's Corcoran State Prison on Tuesday to get treatment for an undisclosed ailment. We're told he's at a Bakersfield hospital -- about an hour away from the penitentiary. Manson is currently serving 9 life sentences for conspiracy to commit the infamous Manson Family murders in 1969. #CharlesManson #Bakersfield #Hospital

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Manson testified that the murders were motivated by the Beatles’ song titled “Helter Skelter” which he believed called for a race war. It was his hope that the murders would incite that war. The words “Helter Skelter” and “Death to Pigs” were written on blood on the walls at the murder scene.

As noted by Fox News, his cult was largely made up of runaways and others who for one reason or another had chosen to drop out of society. The use of hallucinogens was rampant in the group and contributed to the charisma his followers saw in him.

Charles Manson was originally sentenced to the death penalty, but in 1972, California did away with the death penalty, which resulted in a change in his sentence.

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He has never shown remorse for his actions, saying once,

“Remorse for what? You people have done everything in the world to me. Doesn’t that give me equal right? I can do anything I want to you people anytime I want because that’s what you’ve done to me.”

Of Charles Manson’s other followers who were part of the Tate and LaBianca murders, one was released from prison back in 1985 according to NBC News. Manson called him “Scramblehead,” but his real name was Steve “Clem” Grogan. His original sentence was death, but the judge changed it to life in prison, saying he was “too stupid and too hopped up on drugs” to have orchestrated the crime. He is now 64 years old.

During his prison time, Manson has violated prison rules hundreds of times. He has been up for parole a dozen times but has been denied in each instance. He is scheduled to come up for parole again in 2027. He would be 92 years old.

Below is a compilation of some interviews done with Charles Manson over the years.

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