Aeorsmith Duet With Miranda Lambert Highlights Band’s New Album

Aerosmith will soon be releasing its first album of original music in over a decade, and the band has been touting the new songs as a return to their 70s rock roots. There is, however, one song that stands out from the rest: a country duet with Miranda Lambert.

Rolling Stone reports that the Aeorsmith duet with Miranda Lambert happened by accident and wasn’t appreciated by all of the band members.

Steven Tyler said that the band wasn’t happy with his vocals on Can’t Stop Loving You and asked them to re-sing them. Tyler, who admits that he sang the song a little “too country,” decided to go in a different direction. Tyler upped the country singing on the new song by inviting Miranda Lambert into the studio for a duet.

Tyler said:

“I sang it a little country and one of the guys in the band said, ‘You know what, you need to re-sing it, because you’re singing it too country,’ and I said, ‘Well, that’s how I wrote it.’ Then Marti Frederiksen–who wrote it with me–and I were just talking about, ‘If it sounds like a country song, why not get one of them-thar people to sing on it?”

Tyler ended up calling his friend Miranda Lambert into the studio to record a duet. Did it work? According to Tyler, the song is going to be a huge hit.

Tyler said:

“She sang on it and it’s just perfect. It’s one of those moments that just is. And because she did, will it be a hit? Positively. You f—ing think? She’s so big! And it’s not a bad song. That’s pretty cool, right?”

But the duet didn’t sit well with everyone in the band.

Brad Whitford said:

“There was a little bit of resistance. It didn’t come from me. But I heard it [from elsewhere in the band as] like, ‘Wait a minute–so this is an Aerosmith album, right? It should be all Aerosmith.’


The Aerosmith duet with Miranda Lambert shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise since Tyler and Lambert have sung together a few times in the past. At the CMA Awards in 2011, Tyler joined Lambert on stage to sing Undo It. Tyler and Lambert also sang another famous Aerosmith duet: Walk This Way.

The new Aerosmith album, Music From Another Dimension, will hit store shelves on November 6, but you can listen to the band’s duet with Miranda Lambert below.

What do you think of the new Aerosmith duet?