'The Bachelor' 2017 Gossip: Nick Viall's Feelings About Rachel Revealed, What Does He Say About Vanessa?

Bachelor Nick Viall opened up about his first night of the show and said very nice things about Rachel, the woman he gave the First Impression rose to. He watched The Bachelor 2017 kick-off with the rest of America last night and opens up about his feelings from the premiere episode.

Nick shared his thoughts in a blog on People about how he felt about some of the women on The Bachelor 2017 season, saving some of his best words for Rachel. He also named Vanessa as one of the women who most amazed him out of the 30 contestants, giving fans clear indication these are his two favorites going into the season.

Nick Viall begins in his Bachelor blog that before going into the rose ceremony, he had to make the agonizing choice over who to give the First Impression rose to. What was he looking for before ultimately choosing Rachel, the 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, Texas?

"I suppose I was hoping that it would almost seem obvious to me — someone would just stand out and I would feel like there was an obvious choice, and that's kind of how it happened," Nick wrote.

Viall went on to explain that he had "many wonderful conversations" with the women and there "was no shortage great first impressions."

While he says Alexis made him laugh "out loud" with her dolphin/shark costume, he was stunned that Corinne "held nothing back," and that Danielle L. "was gorgeous" in her dress.

Who caught Nick's eye most on the first episode of The Bachelor?

"Despite all that, the connection I had with Rachel felt unlike any other that evening," Nick shares.

Nick raves that Rachel made it "easy" for him to be himself and it felt like they'd "known one another for years." She took his breath away, he added.

Viall reflected on how it felt for him to be in Rachel's situation to receive the First Impression rose since he got one from Andi during her season of The Bachelorette. He also knows this may put a target on Rachel's back when it comes to the other contestants. He's aware of the weight it carries and reasoned that's why giving it to the right woman was so important.

"I felt confident that Rachel had the maturity and class to handle all that came with receiving that first rose," Nick wrote.

Although Rachel clearly impressed Nick on the first episode of The Bachelor, he was smitten with Vanessa, too. Of all the women he saw exit the limo to meet him, he was transfixed by the 29-year-old special needs teacher from Montreal.

"I certainly felt the chemistry that Vanessa felt between us," Nick wrote.

At this point, it looks as if Nick might keep the two women around longer in an effort to get to know them. Many spoilers on the show that have been published won't be included in this article. However, if anyone wants to know how The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall ends, that can be read here.

The Bachelor is good for throwing fans for a loop. Some of the women come off as the types Nick -- or any lead -- would immediately eliminate, but it strangely doesn't turn out that way. It's common to see great women get booted off and the repulsive ones remain for more episodes. There's always the fan favorites who stick around until the very end. There's no point in making hasty judgments due to the many twists and turns seen each season on the show, which there are plenty of in Nick's season!

The Bachelor 2017 airs Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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