February 26, 2017
Razzie Award Winners Announced: Which Movies Were The Best Of The Worst?

The 2017 Razzie Award winners have been announced but they're not necessarily something that anyone in Hollywood wants to win. The Golden Raspberry Awards, or "Razzies" for short, were started as an informal event in 1981 by publicist John J.B. Wilson as a means of celebrating the worst in movies. Held annually in conjunction with the Academy Awards, the Razzies have become an institution of Hollywood.

The first Golden Raspberry Awards only had about three dozen people in attendance. By the 4th Annual Razzies, major news outlets were covering the event. This year marks the 37th time paying members of the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation have voted for their perceived worst in cinema. Last year there were more than 900 members. The Razzies have been criticized because anyone can join and members aren't even required to watch the movies in order to vote.

Razzie winners of 2017 were announced today.
Golden Raspberry Foundation founder John Wilson started the Razzies at a private Oscar party with friends in 1981. [Image by Stefano Paltera/AP Photo.]

According to Indie Wire, Ben Stiller's unnecessary sequel Zoolander 2 led the pack of films with nominations. We're not sure if Stiller is saddened or relieved to hear that of those nominations, co-star Kristen Wiig was the only one from the film to actually win the Worst Supporting Actress Razzie.

While many people assumed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would clean up and take home the Razzie for Worst Picture, that particular Razzie actually went to a dark horse in the running, Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. Perhaps it was because despite its poor reviews, Batman v Superman was still able to rake in more than $873 million while Hillary scored a sad $13 million.

Hillary's America also took home Worst Actor and Actress Razzies, despite the fact that it is listed as a documentary and the male star, Dinesh D'Souza, played himself. D'Souza also won the Worst Director Razzie. The Razzies didn't want Batman v Superman to feel unloved, however, as they bestowed Worst Supporting Actor honors upon Jesse Eisenberg and Worst Screen Combo honors to Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. It also took the Razzie for Worst Screenplay.

The 2017 Razzie winners were announced today.
'Hillary's America' took the Worst Film honors at the 2017 Razzies. [Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision for /D'Souza MediaAP Images.]

Though generally the nominees don't attend the Razzie ceremony, there have been a few that have accepted their awards. Bill Cosby was the first celebrity who insisted that the Golden Raspberry Foundation present him with an actual award. According to an interview with Yahoo!, founder John Wilson said Cosby had a "wonderful attitude" about his three Razzies for Leonard Part 6 and insisted on having Fox Television make his awards out of marble and gold and cover him being presented with them.

Actress Halle Berry attended the Razzies in 2005 according to MTV, embracing the mockery of Catwoman. In her acceptance speech, Berry was sure to acknowledge all of those involved in the production of Catwoman's four Razzie Awards from the studio, to her cast mates.

"I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this piece-of-sh**, god-awful movie," Berry said. "I'd like to thank the rest of the cast. To give a really bad performance like mine, you need to have really bad actors."

Perhaps the best sport in accepting a Razzie in person, however, was actress Sandra Bullock for her role in All About Steve. Bullock took the stage pulling a little red wagon holding the script and DVD copies of the film for the audience members.

"This is wonderful. They said no one went to see this movie but I heard there are over seven hundred members here and if I won, that means the majority of the seven hundred had to have voted so..." the Razzie audience members laughed heartily as Bullock continued to have fun trying to do that math. Bullock continued her speech by saying she was certain that those who voted for her to receive the Razzie, obviously didn't watch the film and then joked that she would read the script that evening for them or they could take the copies of the film home and watch it and she would return the following year to accept their apologies thereby returning the Razzie to the foundation.

Perhaps those two ladies were able to poke fun at themselves with the Razzies because both Berry and Bullock also have Oscars to their names. Ben Affleck, however, might not be as pleased considering his Razzie-to-Oscar ratio is in the wrong favor.

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Bai Superteas.]