A History Of The Trump Mar-a-lago Estate In Palm Beach

Donald Trump has already made it clear that when he takes office, he doesn’t intend to live only in The White House, but instead, he will spend part of his time in New York, at Trump Tower, and also at the Mar-a-lago Estate in Palm Beach Florida. The home’s original owner, Marjorie Merriweather Post, the Post cereal heiress, always pictured Mar-a-lago as a winter White House for a president, and now that is coming true.

Donald Trump’s former butler and manservant, Anthony Senecal made the move from butler in New York to historian at Mar-a-lago in Palm Beach, says the Inquisitr. But after an odd situation where Senecal called for someone to kill President Obama, the Secret Service went down to Florida to investigate. Donald Trump released a statement which said that Senecal’s beliefs are his own, and he does not speak for the Trump campaign.

Town & Country says that Marjorie Merriweather Post donated her 128-room mansion in 1973 to the United States government. Mar-a-lago was built in 1927 by Post, who was at that time one of the wealthiest women in the world. Marion Sims Wyeth, the architect who built the governor’s mansion in Florida, was tapped to build Mar-a-lago on 17 acres along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.


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In 1980, the United States government was forced to return the property to the Post heirs because the cost of maintenance had become too high (approximately $1 million a year). In that same year, it was declared a landmark on the list of National Historic Landmarks.

At that point, Donald Trump started sniffing around and made his initial offer, which was refused. In 1985, he made a successful bid of $5 million and offered another 3 million for Post’s furniture, antiques, and collectibles. Trump turned Mar-a-lago into a private club in 1995. It was that year when he added on a huge ballroom, done in gold leaf.

The New York Times says that it’s odd how things happen with Mar-a-lago, which will finally make Marjorie Merriweather Post’s wish come true, to become the winter White House. Donald Trump, the President-elect, is said to be a calmer version of himself when he is down in Palm Beach, and that is where he spent New Year’s Eve with the likes of Sylvester Stallone, and romance book model, Fabio.

But while George W. Bush had his ranch, and his father had his Kennebunkport, Maine compound, neither place was allowing the public in for a fee to bend the president’s ear. But Mar-a-lago is said to have had an increase in reservations and applications since Donald Trump won the election, says Jeff Greene, a developer, and a Mar-a-lago member.

“It’s like going to Disneyland and knowing Mickey Mouse will be there all day long.”

Historian Douglas Brinkley attended a lunch at Mar-a-lago recently and noticed Trump’s demeanor.

“Mar-a-Lago is an environment he can control. I watched him hold court — he was so comfortable in his own skin, and so relaxed.”

Much like The White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, Mar-a-lago has a private residential area for the Trumps, which includes a private dining room. But Brinkley says that Trump’s love of Mar-a-lago signals the near abandonment of Camp David, at least for four years.

“The loser in this game is Camp David. Once you’re at Mar-a-Lago, and it’s so opulent and resort-friendly, the idea of suddenly inserting yourself into Camp David’s Maryland mountains environment seems unlikely.”

Have you ever seen Mar-a-lago? Do you think that the Trump administration will ever use Camp David?

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