‘Will And Grace’ Reunion: Debra Messing Shoots Down Any Hope Of Show Revival?

Fans of the classic NBC show Will and Grace who have been anticipating a reunion are in for a sad, shocking disappointment. Despite the recent rumors about a potential Will and Grace reunion, Debra Messing — who starred as the titular Grace — has recently shot down any hope of the show’s revival!

According to Screen Crush, Debra Messing put a collective stake in the heart of fans who were hoping for a Will and Grace reunion when she said that, contrary to reports, the rumors are “wrong.”

Leslie, in this statement, refers to Leslie Jordan, one of Messing’s co-stars on Will and Grace, who remarked that NBC had ordered a 10-episode series for the show’s revival.

The news of a potential Will and Grace reunion, in reality, began circulating earlier in 2016, when the entire cast reunited on video to encourage people to vote in the 2016 presidential election.

Using the hashtag #VoteHoney, the newly reunited cast discussed the importance of voting, even if you — as a constituent — were undecided in the election.

However, even though there won’t be an immediate Will and Grace reunion, fans of the show should still leave a proverbial light on in the hopes that there will be one soon, according to E! Online.

According to the outlet, the fact that there’s “talks” about the show’s revival is a sign that things are moving in the right direction. In fact, another of the show’s co-stars, Megan Mullally, thinks that the show will be revived any minute now!

“Well, there’s some interest and people have been talking and there’s some rumors…From what I can tell, a lot of people really want the show to come back, so we’ll see what happens.”


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Eric McCormack, who played the show’s titular Will, agreed with Mullally’s sentiment.

“When NBC came back and said, ‘Is there more to this?’ the talk right now is that we are sort of in talks [for] maybe something limited, a little 10 episodes…but it’s going to be awhile before we can figure it out. I’m the only one with a [regular] series, but the other three could have a series at any moment. So, it is a very hard thing to schedule but we’re certainly all into it.”

These reports, of course, go against what was originally reported by such outlets as the Hollywood Reporter about the Will and Grace reunion. Granted, the outlet’s source was Leslie Jordan, but what he originally proposed as the potential series reboot was quite a promising story.

Jordan, at the time, said that the show was “back” and that NBC had ordered 10 episodes, though he didn’t give any indication as to when the show would air after the episodes were ordered.

And while NBC declined to comment on the original story, a source told the Hollywood Reporter that the reboot of the show did, in fact, get a 10-episode order.

The original airing of Will and Grace was on NBC, and it ran for eight seasons while scoring 16 Emmy wins (out of a record-breaking 83 nominations). Re-runs of the show remain popular to this day, where it remains in syndication. At the height of its popularity, the actors scored $600,000 per episode in a salary, plus points for each airing.

The Will and Grace reunion, according to the site, was originally executive producer Max Mutchnick’s idea.

Would you be interested in seeing a Will and Grace reunion?

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