Porsha Williams Could Face Lawsuit Thanks To Ex-Husband Kordell Stewart

Porsha Williams was shocked when she learned that her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, wanted a divorce from her. Porsha learned that Kordell had filed for divorce via social media, and she was completely devastated. They hadn’t talked about splitting up, and she had no idea that her marriage was over. Kordell wanted out of the marriage, and the divorce went rather quickly. Porsha was left with barely anything after the divorce and she struggled to find a new home. But even though the divorce was quick, it sounds like the two can’t seem to move on and leave the past in the past. And now, Williams may be facing a lawsuit from her ex-husband.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Porsha Williams is now facing a lawsuit from Kordell based on some of the things she’s been saying to the media. Apparently, the drama between Porsha and Kordell started when a nude video of Kordell surfaced and he wasn’t happy about it. Rather than figure out where the video came from, he’s convinced that Porsha Williams is the one who has leaked the video even though she has moved on from the marriage. In fact, Williams is exploring possible options to have a baby with another man.

Kordell got even angrier when he heard that she denied ever distributing the video on the internet. According to Wetpaint Entertainment, he had a feeling that Porsha Williams was the one who leaked the video after hearing what she had to say. He had his lawyer write a cease-and-desist letter to Porsha to please keep his name out of her mouth. While no lawsuit has been filed, it sounds like Porsha Williams only has to mention Kordell once and he could file a lawsuit against her. And it is interesting that he is targeting Porsha, considering she may not be the one who has leaked the tape.

Of course, Kordell’s name has come up several times in regards to male lovers. Porsha Williams has previously hinted that Stewart might be gay and might enjoy the company of men. While he has denied such accusations and there’s no solid proof of these stories, some rumors are swirling that the video was leaked by a male lover. But Porsha hasn’t talked about these male lovers.

In fact, Porsha Williams did have sweet words to say about her ex-husband when she was asked about his supposed girlfriend a few years ago. He was linked to Towanda Braxton from Braxton Family Values, and she appeared to be very supportive of this new relationship.

“I’m excited, I really am! [Towanda]’s a great gal. I’ve seen her show, she’s funny, I laugh at her. And if she can make him happy, in whatever he needs, that’s great,” Porsha Williams revealed about her ex-husband’s new girlfriend when she visited Bethenny Frankel on Bethenny a few years ago, according to Bravo.

Back then, Porsha Williams revealed that she does care for her ex-husband and her feelings just can’t go away so quickly. And while she still had love for him back then, she was happy that her ex-husband was moving on with another woman.

“I have love for him. Love is not a word to me, it’s an action. So if I can’t show you my love, I don’t love you the way I’d love another man. I want to show a man I love him, so no, in that fact, no, I don’t love him,” Porsha Williams continued to Bethenny about her former husband and his new relationship.

What do you think of Porsha Williams possibly facing legal action if she talks about her ex-husband again?

[Featured Image by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images]