‘Portal 2’ Gets PlayStation Move Support With ‘In Motion’ DLC

At E3 back in June, we got to see a glimpse of Portal 2‘s PlayStation 3-exclusive DLC, aptly titled In Motion, which allows players to make use of the PlayStation Move motion controller. Soon, you’ll be able to try it out for yourself.

As revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Portal 2‘s Move-themed DLC, developed by Sixense, will be making its way to the PlayStation Network on November 6. On that same day, Valve will be making Portal 2 available digitally on the PlayStation Network.

Portal 2‘s In Motion DLC will be available on PSN for $9.99, and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to get 30 percent off. Sony didn’t say what the full game’s pricing on PSN will be, only that PS Plus members can get a 20 percent discount on that.

If you’d prefer to be able to use the Move for all of the game and not just the DLC, Sony delivered some more good news. Along with the release of the DLC, a patch will be issued for retail copies that implements Move support for the whole game. If you pick it up digitally, the Move patch comes pre-installed.

Sony explained:


“Owners of Portal 2 on Blu-Ray will receive PlayStation Move support through a free patch, which will provide a touch of the motion experience provided by Sixense. While the original Portal 2 campaigns will be fully playable with PlayStation Move, only Portal 2 In Motion features the gameplay mechanics designed by Sixense specifically for motion.”

Interested in seeing the new Move-exclusive features introduced with In Motion? If so, you can check out a trailer for the DLC below.

Would you be interested in trying out Portal 2 with motion controls, or are you content with your current input method?