Vanessa Grimaldi Of ‘Bachelor’ Has Been On TV Before: What Shows Did She Do?

Last night was the big premiere of The Bachelor 2017 and viewers got the chance to meet Vanessa Grimaldi. She was one of thirty girls that are trying to win the heart of Nick Viall this season. As they watched her, a few people wondered how they knew her, and it turns out that Vanessa has been on television before. You might recognize her. Bustle shared how you might already know Vanessa Grimaldi.

Vanessa is very close to her family, and she can speak French, English, and Italian. She is a special education teacher from Canada. Vanessa Grimaldi shared that she is afraid of “hurting people’s feelings.” This might make Vanessa a bad candidate for the job of The Bachelorette if she doesn’t win Nick’s heart this season. When asked about what kind of guy she likes, Vanessa said “I don’t really have a type, but a great smile is definitely necessary.” Nick Viall does have that, for sure. Vanessa Grimaldi does have social networks, but she has them very private, so you can’t see much about her while she is on the show. She may decide to open them up more as the season goes on.

Vanessa Grimaldi has been on television more than once. She was actually on Blue Mountain State, Being Human, and Ascension. She was on these shows a few years ago. This does make some people a bit concerned that Vanessa might be on the show for the wrong reasons. Sometimes people join reality shows to try to get their name out there and help their career. Hopefully, Vanessa Grimaldi is on the show for the right reasons. Vanessa does work as a special education teacher though and doesn’t simply say that she is trying to get an acting job. The fact that her job on The Bachelor doesn’t say “aspiring actress” is a bonus for her. There are some girls that go on the show and don’t hide the fact that they are there to further their career.

Everyone is going to have to wait and see if Vanessa Grimaldi seems to be there for the right reasons or not. Vanessa did get a rose from Nick Viall on the first night, but she didn’t get the first impression rose. Spoilers say that she is one to watch this season for sure. Without spoiling this season of The Bachelor, know that you will get to know Vanessa really well and you never know if she could show up on a future show in the franchise.

Reality TV World shared a few more things about Vanessa Grimaldi. She also hosted the YouTube GameLoft podcasts five years ago. She is only 5 ft. 3 in. tall, which makes her a lot shorter than Nick. Vanessa says her best attributes are her personality, drive to succeed, work ethic and patience. She is scared of sharks and bees. You have to wonder if Vanessa was a bit weirded out by the girl who showed up in a shark suit on night one. She thought it was a dolphin, but it was obviously a shark, which is one of Vanessa’s fears. If it did bother her, they didn’t show it on the big premiere of The Bachelor.

Are you shocked to hear that Vanessa Grimaldi has been on television before? Do you think that she will win the heart of Nick Viall this season? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC. It will take a few weeks to get to know the girls better and decide if you think that Vanessa Grimaldi is the one for Nick or not.

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