Sweden Pays Jobless Citizens To Seek Employment In Norway

Sweden is reportedly paying for jobless youth to look for jobs in nearby Norway, according to the Daily Telegraph. If you live in the town of Soderhamn and you’re willing to move to Oslo, then the government will foot the bill.

In order to help those without employment find greener pastures, local authorities and Sweden’s national employment office have put together the “Job Journeys” program. The service allows anyone between the ages of 18 and 28 to take a trip to Oslo, Norway in search of a job.

“We had an unemployment rate of over 25 per cent, so we had to find solutions,” project leader Magus Nilsen explained. “Going to Norway to find work has always been quite popular with young people, but sometimes they want to go but don’t know how to find a job or accommodation so we thought we’d give them a bit of help with both.”

According to Newser, individuals who sign up for the “Job Journeys” program will receive a ticket to Norway. Once there, they will be housed in a youth hostel for up to one month on Soderhamn’s dime. On-site counselors are there to help folks find a job in Norway.

One Swedish resident reportedly had some success with the program. After two years of unemployment, Andreas Larsson is now a truck driver in Oslo. In fact, he didn’t have to wait too long for a job to come knocking at his door.


“I came here on a Thursday and on Monday morning I had a job, so it was fast,” Larsson said in a recent interview. “It almost felt a bit unreal, as if you have come to the promised land.”

Presently, nearly 100 people have signed up for “Job Journeys.” Given the success of some of the program’s participants, others who haven’t had luck finding work in Soderhamn are likely to follow suit.

Google Public Data data shows that the unemployment rate in Sweden is currently at 7.8 percent. This number is down 8.3 percent in 2010.

What do you think about Sweden paying for its jobless citizens to find employment in Norway? Would you be willing to move for a job?