‘Married To Medicine’ Star Toya Bush-Harris: Would She Leave Her Husband Over IRS Issues?

Married To Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris has often prided herself on the fact that her husband has made plenty of money. On Married To Medicine, she’s often throwing big parties and she’s very vocal about liking expensive things. But on this season, fans learned that her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, hadn’t been paying his taxes and the couple actually owed about $170,000 to the IRS. Apparently, he had been investing the money he should have been paying in taxes into his new business venture. And rather than take responsibility for their mistake, the family blamed their accountant.

According to a new Bravo report, Married To Medicine star Toya Bush-Harris is now speaking out about her tax situation and she recently revealed that she doesn’t want to discuss the issue too much because plenty of people are sharing their opinions and judgments. Even Eugene had to share his thoughts on Twitter after Sunday’s episode of Married To Medicine, asking people to stop judging his family.

To fix the tax situation, Eugene has taken more shifts at the hospital to help pay off the tax debt. In addition, it sounds like they may be exploring things that they are paying for that they don’t need. On Married To Medicine, they started looking for a new house so they could downsize from their current home. While Toya wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, Eugene couldn’t find any better option than to downsize.

But Toya is now sharing her situation with Bravo, and she reveals that she and her husband are getting excited about fixing their issues and moving forward. And she opens up about how their accountant promised them that everything was under control, even though it clearly wasn’t.

“It’s not like they have this book that says what you need to set yourself up for success,” the Married To Medicine star has revealed to Bravo about her owing $170,000 to the IRS, adding that she has learned a few lessons in the past, sharing, “No one puts you in touch with the perfect accountant. We just learned so much this season about do’s and don’ts about financial investing and really reading and not letting somebody have power of attorney over your money.”

“It was really negligent on my husband and my part, to be honest with you. I was counting on him to be in charge of the finances, and he was counting on the accountant. We basically dropped the ball,” the Married To Medicine star revealed to Bravo, sharing that they have taken control of their own finances.

Of course, on last year’s season of Married To Medicine, Toya supported her husband in opening a new business and it sounds like it has been fun for them to try. But she admits that when the business doesn’t make them money, it is time to shut it down.

“I was very happy [about the business], but I tried to be supportive for my husband because I am very supportive of his endeavors, but I’m also at a place where I’m like, ‘If it’s not making money, honey, it does not make sense. I’m not interested. I told him, at this place in our life, he has to make a decision. He has to decide whether or not it’s something to walk away from if it’s not going to make money,” she revealed to Bravo, sharing that fans may see some changes in future seasons of Married To Medicine as they figure out their financial situation.

What do you think of Toya’s financial troubles on this season of Married To Medicine? What advice would you give her to pay off her debts?

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