Carrie Fisher Continues To Inspire A Generation Of Girls

In their imaginary world, many girls dream of being a princess and of meeting a prince. When these youngsters saw Carrie Fisher play Princess Leia in Star Wars, they found out that a princess does not need a prince to be happy, nor does she need one to build a kingdom.

In the starring role of Princess Leia, Fisher dispelled many myths about what it truly means to be a lady. She demonstrated that a woman can play many roles in life yet still have feminine qualities. A lady does not have to be submissive, but she can be strong and fight for what she truly believes in. In fact, a tough lady can change the world.

As Princess Leia, Fisher stood out like a goddess in her simple white dress. She did not need a tiara, heavy makeup, or a gown. She proved that the clothes a lady wears are much less important than her personality.

Actress Carrie Fisher pictured with a hat at 16 years old
Carrie Fisher at 16 in 1973. [Image by AP Images]

The role of Princess Leia that catapulted Fisher to fame in 1977 was the part that she was born to play. She was a true princess, showing girls how powerful they can really be. Yes, women can be equal to men, and they can fight for the force of good together.

As the daughter of famous Hollywood icons Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Fisher, who was born on October 21, 1956, in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California, was already destined to become an actress. Her acting was suberb in Star Wars (1977) as well as in the sequels, The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983).

Star Wars, which was created by George Lucas, still continues to break the generational gaps, for it is just as popular now as it was when it first debuted in 1977. If you are interested in the mysterious universe and vast galaxies far away, then Star Wars will always be appealing to you. As for all of those special effects in the Star Wars movies, which have improved in recent years, they can mesmerize movie goers.

Art really does imitate life; today, more women are taking on powerful roles in society, like Princess Leia. Some women are even raising a family and have impressive careers at the same time. With more women in the professional world, they are certainly contributing to the power of society but also the force of the universe.

In the original Star Wars movie, as well as in all of the sequels that followed, the force of good always fought against the force of evil, and that force can be compared to the changing roles of women in society. In the past, some women were only relegated to raising a family and serving their husband. It was a dark force in the universe that prevented them from following their dreams or having their own careers outside of the home.

Star Wars A New Hope cast members posing for photo
'Star Wars: A New Hope' cast [Image by George Brich/AP Images]

Now, the force is more auspicious, and women can virtually have it all if they work very hard. They can raise a family and have a professional life as well.

Beyond her role as Princess Leia, as well as other parts in many other movies, Fisher was also a renowned author who was not afraid to write about the demons in her life. In her books, she wrote about her drug abuse and her battles with mental depression. Her first novel was Postcards from the Edge, which became a critically acclaimed movie in 1990. Through her powerful words, she showed the world how strong she really was, for she had the courage to overcome her patterns of destructive behavior.

On December 28, 2016, Fisher passed away, at the age of 60, leaving a legacy to the world. Little girls worldwide will always be impressed with Fisher’s portrayal of Princess Leia, and they may even prefer her over Cinderella. As for the force, it will always be with Fisher, as she will continue to pass on the force to others.

[Featured Image by CAP/PLF/MediaPunch/IPX/AP Images]