'LHHNY' Star Yandy Smith Shocks Mendeecees Harris With News That They Are Not Married

Yandy Smith has a lot of explaining to do after Mendeecees Harris learned that he is not legally married to her. It was finally revealed on Love & Hip Hop that Yandy and Mendeecees are not legally married, but fans of the show have been aware for months.

There are a few reasons that Yandy felt she should hold off on making her marriage to Mendeecees legal and all of them are based on money. It seems that Mendeecees knew the marriage wouldn't be made official until later but had no idea that Yandy never actually filed the paperwork. Now it seems like Yandy is putting everything off until Mendeecees gets home from prison and that could set them back years if they end up legalizing their marriage at all.

Yandy Smith has been flashing her wedding ring all over the place and just being downright obnoxious at times about her place as Mendeecees' wife. It seems like she might want to scale that back since she is the reason that she's not even legally married in the first place.

It was shocking enough when Erika learned from her lawyer that Yandy and Mendeecees never made their marriage legal after having such a huge ceremony. Imagine being Mendeecees and thinking he married Yandy, who is now taking care of his business affairs and running around town flashing her wedding ring while wearing T-shirts that proclaim her a wifey.

When news broke that Yandy and Mendeecees never made their marriage legal, it was explained that Yandy was trying to avoid paying child support to Erika and Samantha while Mendeecees serves time in prison. That would explain why Mendeecees' baby mothers have been so mad at Yandy since he's been gone.

On Love & Hip Hop New York, Yandy told a different story. She claims that she and Mendeecees decided to hold off on sending in the paperwork to make their marriage official because Mendeecees was still dealing with the plea bargain deal and they didn't know what kind of restitution he would be forced to pay back for his drug conviction.

Yandy explained that she entered into a union with Mendeecees but not with the government. She was supposed to file the paperwork and make her marriage legal after Mendeecees sentence was figured out and the restitution amount was already set. As he said during the last episode of LHHNY that Mendeecees has been locked up for nearly a year now and all that mess has already been settled so it's unclear what's holding things up.

As bad as Yandy seemed to want to be married to Mendeecees and as salty as Erika and Samantha were about their former man settling down, it really seems like she just wanted the big, shiny ring and a huge wedding special on VH1. When it comes to making it all legal and taking on the real wife duties, Yandy wants no part of that.

According to Bossip, those who have been following along with this Love & Hip Hop New York marriage drama shared their feelings on Twitter last night. It seems that Yandy has become the butt of a lot of jokes for keeping her non-marriage a secret not only from Mendeecees' baby mothers but also from Mendeecees himself.

It looks like Mendeecees isn't too happy to learn that Yandy never actually married him. When he confronted his unofficial wife about whether or not she planned to send in the paperwork and get their nuptials straight, he didn't like what he heard and ended up hanging up the phone. Do you think that Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris will ever officially be married or will this latest drama tear them apart?

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