Smuggled In A Suitcase: 22-Year-Old Woman Caught With 19-Year-Old African Man In Her Bag

The photos of a 19-year-old migrant who was discovered hidden within a 22-year-old woman’s luggage are harrowing — and not something that those with claustrophobia would like to experience. As seen in the above and below photos, the young Gabon migrant must have been desperate to get to Ceuta, which is a Spanish enclave on the coast of North Africa. As such, the woman in question got caught with the unusual contents of her baggage when she tried to smuggle the teenage African migrant into Spanish territory.

According to CNN, the woman was caught for several reasons at the border of Ceuta, which is in North Africa next to Morocco. First off, the woman was reportedly acting nervously, and instead of carrying her suitcase, she was transporting the bag on top of a trolley. No doubt the weight of the 19-year-old young man may have been quite a bit for the woman to carry.

After being discovered hidden in such a small cramped space, the 19-year-old was offered medical help due to a lack of oxygen in the bag. Not only was the woman who attempted to smuggle the man acting nervously, she also had an “evasive attitude while going through the established controls.” Ceuta represents one of the two land borders between Europe and Africa. Therefore, plenty of migrants from the region of sub-Saharan Africa attempt to use illegal means to migrate, yet some of those methods are truly dangerous and life-threatening.

The Spanish Civil Guard has reported that a Guinea man and woman were rescued from a car’s dashboard and backseat recently.

The above examples were only a few of those attempting to flee the region. Approximately 800 African migrants attempted to break past a Ceuta border fence from Morocco on January 1, as reported by Reuters. Many of the 800 migrants were stopped from getting into Spanish territory. The attempts to the climb an 18-foot-tall barbed wire fence ended with some of the migrants being assisted by cranes to get down, with dozens of Moroccan security officers and Spanish police officers being hurt in the melee.

Meanwhile, the shocking photos of the 19-year-old hidden within the small confines of a suitcase are gaining plenty of comments on social media. Some of those comments can be read below. Whereas certain folks are continuing with the “fake news” claims being leveled against CNN as of late, others are providing compassionate comments.

As expected, a plethora of controversial and distasteful comments are also flowing into social media beneath the photos of the smuggled migrant in the suitcase. Some folks questioned the age of the photo, asking whether or not it was 3-years-old; however, the Associated Press description of the photo reads it was a “photo released by the Spanish Guardia Civil on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017,” showing an event that occurred on December 30, 2016.

: “ so sad poor child probably starving and has no hope wish we could help them.”

“This is so sad.”

: “It could have worked… not.”

: “OMG…That’s just plain insanity.”

“This is really bad!!! It’s good they were caught.”

“Appalling inhuman way of treatment for illegally smuggling a migrant.”

“Suitcase! Interesting!”

“Plan looks fool-proof to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯”

“What in the actual f*** is wrong with people?”

: “Spoiled rich silver spoon Americans will NEVER understand. Smh”

: “I had less room than this flying with Jet2.”

: “This is so sad. Europeans still occupy Africa and deny its indigenous people to cross borders on our own continent! Shameful!”

Greg Mather: “Poorly devised plan! I think she had his best interests at heart! But not very smart at all!”

[Featured Image by Spanish Interior Ministry/AP Images]