WWE News: Top NXT Stars Prepared To Jump To The Main Roster At WWE Royal Rumble And Beyond For 2017

One of the most exciting things for WWE fans to see each year is the debut of a new Superstar, and with the awesome WWE NXT brand, WWE has many to choose from that fans cannot wait to see on WWE RAW and SmackDown Live. With WWE fans feeling that a lot of the NXT stars are ready for primetime, we can only imagine what will happen when our favorite yellow brand stars turn blue or red in 2017.

That being said, there has been a lot of backstage talk regarding a few top stars out of NXT that could debut soon. Many know by now that Samoa Joe is set for a main roster jump this year, and it is simply a matter of time. Many assume he will make his debut during the Royal Rumble match at the PPV of the same name. This would be a huge addition to the main roster regardless of which brand he ends up on (most hope it is SmackDown Live, however).

Regardless of when Samoa Joe comes to the main roster, we know it is happening. However, there are other top stars who could hit the main roster this year. According to Cageside Seats, the plan is to debut The Revival on the main roster this year. It is likely they will debut the night after WrestleMania 33, as they really don’t seem to make sense for the WrestleMania gameplan as of now. It is uncertain which brand they will debut on, but they are guaranteed to be seen on the main roster in 2017.

The Revival

The two-time NXT Tag Team Champions killed it in 2016 with amazing matches involving everyone they faced, from American Alpha to DIY. There are very few teams in the world of WWE that can hold a candle to Dash and Dawson of The Revival when it comes to tag team wrestling. Alone they were never seen as anything special, but together as tag specialists, many believe they could go down as one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

Their match with DIY at WWE NXT Takeover: Respect won WWE’s match of the year, which most feel is incredible for WWE to ever acknowledge. That said, it should be obvious by now that the respect for The Revival is high and that they will be used well on the main roster in 2017 regardless of the brand they end up heading to.

However, WWE also has plans to debut Tye Dillinger. Early reports claimed that he could debut at the No. 10 spot in the Royal Rumble match. Another report claimed he would get a WWE Intercontinental Championship shot against The Miz soon after debuting. This is still in the rumor mill, but with Miz having to take on Dean Ambrose, there are some who think he will take the title from Miz before Tye even arrives on the main roster.

Liv Morgan

Another NXT Superstar set to debut in 2017 is Liv Morgan. While she is gorgeous and considered one of the best up-and-comers in NXT, many believe she still has a bit to learn before debuting. However, no one knows what WWE has planned for her on the main roster at this point. If she is poised to be a manager of some kind, she can always still train in wrestling while doing the managerial role.

With Carmella now on WWE SmackDown Live, it would not be shocking for Liv Morgan to come in and take her spot as manager for Enzo Amore and Big Cass. Interestingly, it makes more sense than most realize. Morgan happens to be dating Enzo in real life, and she is also from New Jersey. That said, they have an easy connection that WWE can exploit if they chose to do so.

There seem to be several WWE NXT stars who are more than capable of joining the main roster this year, however, not all can join right now. People will wonder why Bobby Roode or Eric Young did not get a spot on the main roster over the likes of Tye and Liv. The major issue is the fact that WWE needs to still have stars on NXT to continue it as a brand. If every star left as well, then things would get too crowded. Therefore, some have to hang back.

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