'The Bachelor' Nick Viall's Frontrunners Include A Previous One Night Stand - But Is He Engaged To Vanessa Grimaldi?

Season 21 of The Bachelor is finally here. It's a long road until Nick Viall narrows down the field of 30 women vying for his final rose, but there were some clear standouts in the premiere. While Viall's frontrunners include a woman he previously had sex with, did he ask Vanessa Grimaldi to marry him?

According to People, the premiere hammered home Viall's previous runs on the show, including his two stints on The Bachelorette and one season on Bachelor in Paradise. This might be Viall's fourth time finding love in front of the cameras, but he's optimistic that everything will work out.

Before Viall could meet his suitors, however, he was forced to have a chat with former Bachelors Chris Soules, Ben Higgins, and Sean Lowe. The men ripped on Viall before offering him some advice on how to find true love. Considering the contestants this season, Viall will need all the advice he can get.

The ladies this year are a good mixture of intelligent, successful, gorgeous and a little crazy. Standouts from the premiere included Rachel, a lawyer from Dallas, Danielle L., who manages and owns a few L.A. nail salons, and Vanessa Grimaldi, who is fluent is several languages and teaches children with special needs.

Of course, there's also Elizabeth, who prefers Liz. Liz works as a doula in Las Vegas and has a secret past with Viall. Not only was she Jade Tolbert's made of honor at her wedding in 2016, but she and Viall met at the ceremony and had a one night stand. Liz refused to admit it at first, but later confirmed her sexual escapades with The Bachelor.

Elizabeth 'Liz' Sandoz [Image by ABC]
Elizabeth 'Liz' Sandoz [Image by ABC]

Daily Beast reports that Viall confronted Liz about their past later in the episode. While he admitted to "being totally intrigued" by Liz, he questioned her motives for being on the show. Even still, Viall did not eliminate Liz on the first night, so things will definitely get interesting between the two from here on out.

In the end, Rachel snagged up Viall's first impression rose and is the clear frontrunner for making it to the final four. Vanessa, however, will definitely give Rachael a run for her money. In fact, Bustle is reporting that Vanessa has the chance to make it far this season and win Viall's final rose.

Vanessa is 29-years-old and hails from Montreal, Quebec. She is employed as a special education teacher and absolutely loves her work. She's also extremely close with her family and sounds like the perfect woman any guy would love bringing home to their parents. When asked about her biggest fear, Vanessa said, "Hurting people's feelings." When it comes to her ideal man, she said "I don't really have a type, but a great smile is definitely necessary." Talk about a perfect match!

Vanessa Grimaldi [Image by ABC]
Vanessa Grimaldi [Image by ABC]

That being said, Vanessa's past isn't airtight. She has appeared in a number of television shows, such as Blue Mountain State, Ascension, and Being Human. There's nothing wrong with her history in Hollywood, but it does raise some questions about her motivations for being on The Bachelor.

Whatever happens between Viall and Vanessa, Hollywood Take is reporting that this season will feature a lot of PDA. With things getting hot and heavy with Viall, it sounds like he really did find love on The Bachelor after all

"I definitely found love," Viall admitted. "Overall, I feel good about things."

Viall's big engagement remains a secret. In the teaser trailer for the coming season, however, Viall was shown holding up a diamond ring. Does this mean he will pop the big question during the season finale?"I hope she says yes," he said in the trailer.

The Bachelor continues Monday nights on ABC, check out a preview for Nick's season below.

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