Drake Reportedly Slams ‘Jealous’ Rihanna While Partying With Jennifer Lopez

Drake is reportedly taking aim at ex-girlfriend Rihanna amid reports she’s “jealous” of the rapper’s alleged new romance with Jennifer Lopez.

According to reports, Drake made his feelings for Rihanna pretty clear while celebrating New Year’s Eve with Lopez in Las Vegas, allegedly throwing a serious diss his ex’s way by asking the DJ at a Sin City club to change the song after they played his 2016 collaboration with Rihanna, “Work.”

The Daily Beast is reporting that fans took to Twitter to accuse the rapper of dissing his former girlfriend by asking the DJ to change the song during his performance at the Las Vegas venue, claiming that Drake allegedly called “Work,” which he dropped with Rihanna only released last year, an “old vibe.”

The site also claimed that Jennifer was at the New Year’s Event with Drake and was reportedly spotted “partying it up and dancing on tables” as the twosome rang in 2017, just days after it was reported that she and Rihanna aren’t exactly on the best terms after Lopez has been spotted getting seriously cozy with the rapper in recent weeks.

E! News also reported that Jennifer and Drake spent New Year’s Eve together in Las Vegas, around three months after he and Rihanna called it quits after reportedly dating exclusively for several months in 2016.

The site claimed that Drake did, in fact, ask the DJ to stop playing “Work” during his set, reporting that Drake cut the Rihanna song short and told the audience at Hakkasan nightclub, “Alright, that was the vibe for 2016… you’ve got to give it up to my new music.”

Reports claiming that Drake wasn’t afraid to throw a whole lot of shade in Rihanna’s direction with a serious diss comes shortly after a source claimed that Rihanna was “jealous” of Drake’s new romance with Lopez, allegedly unfollowing her on Instagram after Jennifer shared multiple cozy snaps with Drake just months after he and Rihanna split.

Hollywood Life reported last month that Rihanna is supposedly feeling pretty “jealous” that Drake appears to have now moved on with Lopez despite reports the two are dating as a publicity stunt for their rumored new duet. The outlet claimed that she is particularly unhappy that Drake appears to now be dating one of her seemingly now-former friends.

Jennifer Lopez & Rihanna

“[Rihanna] is really freaked out about Jennifer Lopez, especially because they’re friends,” a source said, adding that Rihanna, who worked with Jennifer on the 2014 animated film Home, has always thought of Lopez as a mentor.

Adding that Rihanna is allegedly “overwhelmed” by the idea that she and Lopez appear to have now both dated the same guy, the site’s insider went on to claim that Rihanna “can’t stand” the fact that Drake appears to have moved on so quickly and started dating one of her friends.

“Rihanna knows Drake will always love her, but she does get jealous,” continued the insider of Rihanna’s feelings towards Drake and Jennifer as they continue to flaunt their romance with candid appearances and cozy Instagram photos.

“[Rihanna] can’t stand the thought of [Drake] being with another woman,” added the source, shortly before Rihanna appeared to send Drake a pretty cryptic message via social media amid reports he and Jennifer have been growing increasingly close before Drake’s pretty scathing New Year diss.

Rihanna & Drake

But while insiders are claiming that Rihanna is now feeling pretty “jealous” of Drake allegedly now dating Jennifer just months after they split, it was reported immediately following their October breakup that the singer and Drake weren’t exactly the best of friends after they stopped dating.

A source told Hollywood Life at the time that Rihanna, who did not attend Drake’s 30th birthday party in October, was “bitter” about how things ended between them and even allegedly referred to Drake as a “jerk” for how he handled their public breakup.

“[Rihanna] feels salty about how s*** went down in their relationship,” the site’s Drake and Rihanna source said last year, revealing at the time that she was allegedly “still mad at [Drake] for many reasons” after it was announced that she and Drake were no longer dating after reconciling in early 2016.

The insider then went on to claim that Rihanna was particularly upset with her on/off boyfriend because she feels that Drake is “such a jerk who won’t commit and wants everything his way.”

Do you think Drake was throwing a diss Rihanna’s way with his “old vibe” comments?

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