Mayor Cory Booker Invites Hurricane Sandy Victims To His House

Newark mayor Cory Booker has been on a tweeting spree since Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, and now he is using the social media site to invite victims to stay with him.

A user complained to Booker that she didn’t have power at her house. Booker responded, “There is someone at my house now (Eric). I’ve got space u can relax in, charge devices & even a working DVD player. Come by @my_serenelove.”

Another woman came by and tweeted, “At @CoryBooker house. Charging everything up. Thx.”

Booker responded, “SOOOO happy to hear! Let me know if u need DVDS.”

Booker also provided food for several other people who came over. He wrote, “I’m having lunch delivered for the 12 or so of you hanging at my place.” One of the women staying at the mayor’s place tweeted a picture of the food he served.

Members of Booker’s staff verified that the mayor was hosting hurricane victims at the apartment house he rents in the city’s South Ward.

Booker later explained:

“I have a completed space on the first floor that I did up a while ago. It is where my parents stay when they visit. My neighbors from Homestead Court have no power … this is a time of crisis and I’m glad they could use the space.”


This isn’t Booker’s first good dead during his time as mayor. In April, he rushed into a burning house and carried a woman to safety. His security detail tried to keep him from going in, but he told them the woman would die if he didn’t help her. He suffered minor injuries and was treated for smoke inhalation, and Newark residents praised their mayor for his heroics.

Cory Booker invites Newark resident over

Cory Booker invites Newark resident to his house

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