‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Spoilers: Nia Sioux Vs Camryn Bridges In Episode 6, ALDC Newcomer Goes Home? [Promo]

Dance Moms Season 7 returns with an all-new episode on Tuesday, January 3, with “No Clowning Around.” According to the latest spoilers and official synopsis, Episode 6 will see Nia Frazier and ALDC newcomer Camryn Bridges compete against each other at the Dream Dance Challenge under the teen division category.

According to the official synopsis released by Lifetime, Abby Lee Miller will give two of the new ALDC dancers, Camryn Bridges and Maesi Caes, a chance to shine on stage. In the coming Dance Moms Season 7 episode, Abby is also giving Nia Frazier her first solo of the year, a contemporary routine called “How to Get Away with Murder.”

With Camryn and Nia going head-to-head, the former, along with her mom Camille, is under extreme pressure to beat the “Star In Your Own Life” singer. As seen in one of the earlier Dance Moms Season 7 episodes, Daviana Fletcher, one of the ALDC newcomers, got eliminated after losing to Kalani Hilliker. Abby previously mentioned that she only brought Daviana in because she was supposed to make Kalani a better dancer. If Nia ended up beating Camryn, Camille is afraid that this is going to be her and her daughter’s last week in ALDC.

“If Camryn doesn’t do what she wants her to do, she’s gonna tell us to go home. She has to beat Nia,” Camille told the moms.


In the sneak peek for Episode 6, “No Clowning Around,” Camille asked Camryn if she really wanted to be part of the ALDC, pointing out that she’s not giving her best in the solo routine. She even encouraged her daughter to “stand out” from the rest of the team. Camryn, however, did not seem too happy with her mom putting additional pressure on her.

“I need to focus on dance right now. This could be my last week here so I don’t need extra drama and pressure,” Camryn told her mom.

Her daughter’s response seemed to frustrate Camille even more. The Dance Moms Season 7 star explained that if Camille wanted to make a name for herself, she needed to put in the work as early as now.

“Camryn is just not listening. I’m a little frustrated. I know she has to be frustrated but Camryn really needs this and in the next few years she’s gonna be moving up professionally. She needs this team to help her grow. She has got to be larger than life and nail this routine.”


Elsewhere in Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 6, Brynn Rumfallo will once again take the lead in the group dance, a contemporary number titled “Clowning Around.” The dance is reportedly inspired by clown sightings in 2016. But the moms, particularly Jill Vertes, do not seem at all happy with the routine.

“The joke of it all is this dance sucks and Brynn’s the leader is that what you want?” she asked Brynn’s mom, Ashlee.

“I am okay with Brynn being the face of the ALDC. Yes, that is fine with me,” Ashlee replied.

Jill was clearly surprised to hear Ashlee call Brynn “the face of the ALDC.” Kendall’s mom pointed out that if there would be a person to represent the group, it would have to be Abby.

But Jill isn’t the only dance mom going at it with Ashlee this week. Spoilers for Episode 6 teased that Camille will also call out Brynn’s mom for saying something negative about her daughter. The teaser showed that Camille got upset when Brynn told her that Camryn doesn’t exactly have a personality.

“You’re the one that said Camryn doesn’t have a personality so I’m telling you that Brynn doesn’t have one,” Camille fired back.

Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 6, “No Clowning Around” airs Tuesday, January 3 on Lifetime. Watch the promo below.

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