Texas Teen Found After Vanishing In The Middle Of The Night With Sex Offender

A family in Kyle, Texas are relieved after 13-year-old Kylei Ashlyn Glasgow was found safe days after she vanished in the middle of the night, according to KXAN.

The teen was last seen around 9 p.m. on Wednesday, February 23, at her home in the 4400 block of Mather Street. The teen's mother, Tammie Melber, told officials that the night her daughter went missing, it was just like any other night.

Glasgow supposedly ate with her family and "hung out" before heading to bed. The following morning when Melber went to her daughter's room to wake her for school, she wasn't there.

"I walked in her room and called her name several times, went to her bed and pulled back her covers and she wasn't there," said Melber. "So, I went to the front porch, I went to the back porch and every room and couldn't find her anywhere."

Melber and her husband, Jason, frantically searched the neighborhood and local areas that Glasgow would usually go to, but she wasn't there.

"Nothing in her room was gone, her backpack was there which is what she always takes when she goes anywhere and everything was in her room, her makeup, her hair supplies, everything just she's missing."
The teen was reported missing and relatives feared that may have gone off with a man she met online named sky.

After police received several tips, the missing teen was found safe with a 26-year-old man named Dane Kelsey Minter, who is a registered as a "high-risk" sex offender, of Travis County.

Tuesday night, the Kyle Police Department released the following message on their Facebook page, which states as follows: "Kylei has been located near the Texas/New Mexico border and is now safe. She was with Dane K. Minter, 26, of Travis County. He is in law enforcement custody."

"Kylei will be reunited with her family. Thank you to the Travis County Sheriff's Office, media and community that helped share the information that ultimately led to her safe recovery. And a special thanks to the law enforcement agencies in both New Mexico and North Texas that worked throughout the night to locate Kylei. Great Job!"
The pair were reportedly found at a motel in Roswell. When police approached Minter and the teen who had been reported missing, they jumped in their car and drove off, prompting a police chase.

Minter finally pulled over in Denver City, where the registered sex offender was placed under arrested.

Glasgow was transported to an area hospital and later reunited with her family.

"It's such a huge relief, it's like a huge weight was lifted and I can breathe again," said the teen's mother.

She added, "To know that my little girl was with somebody like that, it was a sinking feeling," her mother said. "She was with a monster."

The girl's parents stated that she did, in fact, leave her home in the middle of the night to meet up with Minter.

"I think she meant to leave, and that's hard to say, but I don't think she meant to be gone for this long," said Melber.

Glasgow's mother was stunned after learning she left home to meet someone online, saying "I never thought she would fall for it. It's really out of character for her."

When Melber was reunited her daughter, she stated that she "talked to her briefly and she was crying really hard so it was hard to understand, but she feels guilty that he's in trouble."

"She's just been totally fooled by this guy and thinks that she's in love with him and was willing to go wherever he took her. She just sounds like she's been brainwashed."
Minter is being charged with violation of probation - more charges are pending.

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