'General Hospital' Spoilers: Lulu Is Stunned By The News That Valentin And Nina Share -- What Other Ruckus Could This Couple Cause?

There were wedding bells ringing on General Hospital last week, but it wasn't the couple that was supposed to be walking down the aisle on New Year's Eve. Disaster struck Nathan and Maxie on their special day, so another couple ended up taking the plunge instead. Nina Reeves has officially become a Cassadine after she married Valentin in an impromptu wedding. What trouble could they get into now that they are husband and wife?

Not to let the beautiful decorations at the church go to waste, Nathan's sister became the blushing bride after she asked Valentin to marry her right there on the spot. Now that they are married, this couple could really cause some ruckus in Port Charles. The aftermath of their nuptials may not go over very well once the news hits that these two are married, especially with Lulu Falconeri. According to Tuesday's General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, she will not like the fact that Valentin has made such a huge commitment to Nina.

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The reason that Nina chose to marry her guy so suddenly was because of Charlotte. Lulu wants custody of her daughter and feels like she has more of a stable home than with her papa. Now that he has a wife, Lulu could have more of a fight on her hands. But then again, Nina has done some horrible things in her past, so that could come back to bite Valentin in the end.

As for Nina, this is her dream come true. She has been pursuing her quest to be a mother and has failed up until now. Her prince has now come in the form of a Cassadine and conveniently brings along a child. Not only does she have a husband, but a daughter as well, and Charlotte has grown fond of Nina. Unfortunately, she could lose her new stepchild, and that could set her off for another breakdown.

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As if that wasn't enough, her new husband has not been completely truthful with her. He has a past with Anna Devane, and the WSB agent is getting ready to undergo hypnosis with Andre to uncover her hidden memories. There are so many rumors and speculations on what their connection is. Some General Hospital fans think that Valentin could really be Faison in disguise. Still, others think that he could be the child that Anna thought she lost so long ago. Now that could be a little far-fetched to think they are mother and son, and as seen in Anna's flashbacks, it looks like she has encountered this man before when she was much younger.

It will all be revealed soon enough, and it could very well be Nina who figures it out eventually if she happens to find something she shouldn't. Of course, Valentin will most likely be keeping a close eye on his new wife to make sure that she doesn't find out his real past right now. It is hard to read this guy's true feelings for Nina at the moment. Has he really fallen for her, or is he just using her to get what he wants?

What does their future hold as a married couple? Celeb Dirty Laundry suggested that Valentin could end up sending his wife back to Shadybrooke, where she spent some time a while back with Franco. However, many viewers really love this new General Hospital coupling, and they would not like this scenario at all. The better solution would be to let this couple stay together and have them cause a little ruckus in Port Charles for a while. After all, a good soap opera needs a few villains on hand to spice things up, and these two could definitely stir up some trouble. But first, Valentin's true identity and his past should be revealed. Who did Nina Reeves really marry on New Year's Eve? It could indeed get very interesting if this really is Faison.

Would you like to see Valentin and Nina Cassadine cause some chaos on General Hospital?

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