Ebro Darden Denies Nicki Minaj Affair On Remy Ma's 'ShETHER', Papoose Responds

It doesn't really matter how many men come forward to deny sleeping with Nicki Minaj after Remy Ma's "shETHER" release on Saturday, Nicki will still be taking an "L" unless she quickly comes up with something really amazing to shoot back at Remy in their newly escalated rap feud. Trey Songz came out first and said that Remy's line about him wasn't true and now Ebro Darden from Hot 97 is also calling BS on Remy Ma for claiming that he slept with Minaj while she was still dating Meek Mill.

On Saturday, Remy Ma dropped what is possibly one of the most intense diss tracks in the history of hip hop feuds. The 7-minute long rant against Nicki Minaj was laid over Nas' "Ether" which he previously used to record a diss for Jay-Z back in 2001 on his Stillmatic album. It's hard to say who did it better, Nas or Remy Ma, but ultimately both delivered fire over that beat in a way that, at least in Nicki's case, she may not be able to return.

While much of Remy Ma's "shETHER" diss hit Nicki Minaj straight in the heart (and the booty), there have been some questions about a few of the men Remy claims Nicki may have slept with on her way to the top. So far, both Trey Songz and Ebro Darden have come out on social media and denied having sex with Nicki Minaj.

"Remy knows she's lying... matter of fact the dude that told her that bulls**t, she knows is a nerd!" Ebro tweeted. "These nerd as [sic] dudes always worried."

Ebro from Hot 97 seemed pretty worked up about the claims that he slept with Nicki Minaj while she was still dating Meek Mill. He was upset enough to tweet about it several time, deny it ever happened and still message Remy Ma's husband Papoose. This is how Papoose responded on Twitter:Now there are calls for Remy Ma or maybe even for Papoose to go ahead and prove that Minaj was sleeping around on Meek with the radio show host. According to Complex,screenshots of text messages are expected to surface any moment now that might prove that those who have denied claims that they slept with Nicki are just trying to keep their secrets to themselves.

Ebro Darden also made sure to note that this conversation wasn't over. Instead of continuing his lengthy Twitter rant about the Nicki Minaj diss track "shETHER," Ebro says he will take it to the radio on Monday at 8 a.m. when he is back at work. That works out nicely for the Hot 97 radio personality because now there will be a lot of people waiting to hear what he has to say, ultimately helping to boost his own ratings while denying the Nicki Minaj affair.

Trey Songz and Ebro aren't even close to the only men that Remy Ma charged her rival with sleeping with, but they are the only ones, so far, who have denied the charges. Remy also claimed that Nicki Minaj has slept with Lil Wayne and Drake but has denied sleeping with both.

So far, both Drake and Lil Wayne have been silent on charges that they were intimate with Nicki Minaj after Remy Ma's "shETHER" diss track dropped. Nicki took shots at Trey Songz for not denying the allegations fast enough even though he did post a video soon after "shETHER" was released."

So why are Drake and Lil Wayne so quiet about the charges while Hot 97's Ebro is adamant that he wasn't with Nicki and Trey Songz spoke his piece and was the only one that Minaj even bothered to lash out at? It just makes you wonder how much of Remy Ma's "shETHER" diss of Nicki Minaj is true and considering that the song was seven minutes long and Remy didn't seem to even take a breath, there were a lot of accusations thrown at Nicki that will need some clearing up.

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