iOS 10 Update For iPhone 7 Plus And iPad Mini, Air 2 To Bring Dark Mode, Control Center Shortcuts And More

Apple may currently be busy working on the next iteration in their iPhone lineup, the iPhone 8, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t still focused on bringing new features to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. In fact, the next version of iOS, 10.3, is expected to be heading to Apple’s current lineup of devices very soon. So whether you own a current generation iPhone, last year’s iPhone 6S or even one of Apple’s iPad tablets, this article will explore what to expect in iOS version 10.3.

When will iOS 10.3 be released?

Users running Apple’s iOS operating system might not have to wait all that long for their devices to be updated. According to the Express, renowned Apple leaker Sonny Dickson has taken to Twitter to reveal that he has knowledge Apple plans to release iOS 10.3 on January 10. He also claims that Apple’s first iOS update of 2017 is codenamed Erie and marks Apple’s midcycle update of iOS 10, which typically tends to see Apple push forward a big new headline feature in a bid to keep their operating system fresh.

For example, when Apple released iOS 9.3 back in March 2016, it introduced the new Night Shift feature – which modifies the amount of harsh, blue light emitted from your screen throughout the day – arguably the biggest update of that cycle. Whilst this year’s 10.3 update is expected a little sooner, it should include a similar headline feature.


New features in iOS 10.3

As aforementioned, Apple’s midcycle iOS updates tend to include a big standout feature. According to BGR, in iOS 10.3 there’s likely to be a new “Theatre Mode,” however, exactly what that mode will entail is anybody’s guess. That being said, many fans are speculating that Theatre Mode could finally see Apple introduce a long rumored system-wide dark mode, similar to that seen in some iterations of rival platform Android. Apple was originally set to introduce the mode in iOS 10 and after they didn’t, speculation has only grown wilder.

That being said, users of iOS are being warned not to get too excited about a potential dark mode just yet. iPhone in Theatre mode might be similar to the Do Not Disturb feature already present in iOS and could essentially offer an enhanced method of muting notifications and alerts.


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So what do we know about that new Theatre Mode? Well, whatever it offers, it’s expected to be a pretty big addition to iOS. Sources close to Apple are claiming that the Cupertino-based company plans to provide the new Theatre Mode with a dedicated icon in the Control Center.

Dickson confirmed to a number of news outlets that the new mode will be represented by a popcorn icon in the Control Center. With that in mind, it could very well be the case that the new mode simply offers a way to enjoy video and other media without being disturbed. However, with iOS 10.3 expected to be little over a week away, users of the iPhone 7, iPad Pro and various other Apple devices might not have to wait all that long to find out what Apple is planning to offer with their new Theatre Mode.


Apple could be planning to use that aforementioned iOS 10.3 update to reignite some excitement around the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, with further speculation that the company plans to release a Jet White version of the phone alongside the previously released Jet Black version this month.

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