WWE News: Luke Gallows And Karl Anderson Tease Reforming Bullet Club In WWE With Finn Balor

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson didn’t have the WWE debut they were hoping for in 2016. But if they had their way and things fell into place, they’d be reuniting with former New Japan Pro Wrestling cohort Finn Balor, and reforming the Bullet Club in WWE.

2016 was supposed to be a great year for the so-called Internet Wrestling Community and their erstwhile non-WWE favorites, as AJ Styles arrived in the WWE at the Royal Rumble, with his former Bullet Club associates Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson expected at that time to follow soon. Sure enough, Gallows and Anderson joined Styles in WWE, but unlike AJ, who had a “phenomenal” 2016 and eventually won the WWE World Championship, the transition to the big leagues hadn’t been that easy for the duo.

Together with a newly-turned-heel Styles, Gallows and Anderson were known as The Club in the last few weeks heading into last year’s WWE brand draft/brand split. But with AJ going to SmackDown Live and Luke and Karl heading to RAW, the former ended up reinforcing his status in the main event, and the latter remained mired in the mid-card, taking part in feuds and angles many felt were uninspiring and unsatisfying.


Bleacher Report commented in September that despite their hype and reputation from New Japan, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson weren’t quite reminding fans of their Bullet Club days in the WWE as they feuded with The New Day for the RAW Tag Team Championship and took part in ill-timed comedy vignettes.

“Gallows and Anderson are simply not the predators they were with New Japan Pro Wrestling. WWE has diluted their aura, steered them in the wrong direction and left The New Day without worthy foils as a result.”

Although Gallows and Anderson haven’t had the strong debut many had been hoping for, they nonetheless remain optimistic about their prospects in 2017. In their appearance on Episode 113 of Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast(quotes c/o Wrestling Inc), the ex-Bullet Club members talked about their WWE run so far, and what they hope to achieve in the future. Karl Anderson expressed a bit of frustration about things not going as well as expected, despite all the creative “pitches” he and Gallows have made so far.

“It’s a little stop-and-startsky. We’re just entertaining the masses, putting smiles on faces, and enjoying traveling the whole world, baby. I mean, we’re trying our hardest. We’re throwing a lot of pitches out there. They don’t seem to be… they just seem to be falling. We’re trying, baby.”

Gallows, however, added that he and Anderson will “get there,” meaning get to the top of Monday Night RAW’s tag team division at some point in the future.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson were briefly aligned with AJ Styles in WWE as "The Club." [Image by WWE]

Would a reunion with Finn Balor be just what Gallows and Anderson need to get a bigger push in 2017? It was Balor, after all, who had helped found the Bullet Club with Anderson back in 2013 when he was wrestling in New Japan under the ring name Prince Devitt. According to Anderson, he and Gallows have been talking to Balor, suggesting that they reform the Bullet Club in WWE, and give the promotion its own version of the dominant New Japan stable. Balor has been sidelined with a shoulder injury since August when he had to vacate the WWE Universal Championship just one day after he won the inaugural title match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

“Let (Balor) come back. Let us reform the original Bullet Club. We’ll just tear everything apart. That’s one of those pitches we’ve thrown. We’ll see if it sticks or not.”

Quite interestingly, Gallows and Anderson’s comments come just a few weeks after Finn Balor guested on Roberts’ podcast and hinted that a Bullet Club reunion would “always (be) a possibility,” according to 411Mania.

The idea of a mighty heel stable like the Bullet Club in WWE is still a tantalizing one for a lot of fans. And while a WWE version with just Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson will only include a few of the stable’s original members, there’s a good chance such an alliance could spice things up on Monday Night RAW, a show/brand that has often been criticized as being inferior in quality to SmackDown Live.

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