WWE Rumors: ‘Superfan’ Stokes Paige Pregnancy Rumors, Claims She And Alberto Del Rio Are Expecting [Updated]

While a new tweet suggests that WWE women’s wrestler Paige is pregnant and expecting her first child with real-life boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, many doubts remain regarding the veracity of the claim. A report also suggests that the New Jersey man who posted the tweet may have some character issues, including allegedly “creepy” behavior around certain WWE Superstars.

With the new year having just started, Paige and Alberto Del Rio have once again made their way to wrestling “dirt sheets” for separate reasons. On Sunday evening, Paige tweeted a photo of an engagement ring Alberto had given her, saying that he “did it right back,” months after the 24-year-old former WWE Divas Champion proposed to Del Rio in the ring at a wrestling event in Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, Del Rio’s penchant for getting into fisticuffs outside of the ring had recently flared up once again, as the Inquisitr and other sources reported. The latest incident occurred at an Austrian nightclub, as Del Rio (a.k.a. Jose Alberto Rodriguez in real life) and his brother El Hijo de Dos Caras (a.k.a. Guillermo Rodriguez) reportedly brawled with a bar patron before supposedly getting into a violent fight with each other while at the police station.

That incident happened on Friday night, and Alberto Del Rio is now back in the United States to support his girlfriend Paige. But is she pregnant, as a “friend” of the two and so-called WWE “superfan” has claimed?

A report from WrestlingNews.co cited a tweet from New Jersey resident Matt Calicchio, who has become “friendly” with Alberto and Paige and has been spotted in photos with them, seemingly hanging out with the couple at various events. The tweet in question has Calicchio mugging it up with Del Rio and Paige in the background, claiming that “they are pregnant” and that he’s “going to be an uncle.”

WrestlingNews.co, however, noted that Calicchio has had an “interesting” past, which includes accusations of harassing and stalking behavior while working for New Jersey politician Beth Mason, who served as Hoboken’s City Council President from 2007 to 2015. In relation to that, it also appears as if Matt, as a huge pro wrestling fan, has rubbed a lot of WWE Superstars and their fans the wrong way. A blog entry from Grafix Avenger went into the details of the allegations against Calicchio, citing a series of tweets from another WWE fan named David Strycharz.

The tweets suggest that as of 2011-12, Calicchio had some heat with current and former WWE wrestlers, including The Miz, who allegedly referred to him as a “Stage 5 creeper/stalker.” Strycharz added that John Cena, Randy Orton, Maryse, and ex-WWE performers Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, and Kelly Kelly also had less than favorable impressions of Calicchio.

A 2012 report from Hoboken Horse also suggests that Calicchio was the “rude” fan who got into an altercation with CM Punk at a St. Louis airport that year. Alberto Del Rio’s former WWE manager/”personal ring announcer” Ricardo Rodriguez was quoted by Bleacher Report as saying the man went from “fan mode to creepy mode to psycho mode” when supposedly harassing Punk for an autograph. The outspoken Punk reacted by throwing the fan’s autograph book into the trash.

Going back to the present, it’s worth noting that there hasn’t been any definite confirmation via Paige and Alberto Del Rio’s social media accounts that Paige is indeed pregnant. A tweet from Del Rio sarcastically called out wrestling “marks” — insider jargon for naive fans — and claimed that he is “pregnant,” and this was followed up shortly after by Paige, who retweeted Alberto’s post, calling him “my seahorse,” in reference to how male seahorses give birth.

Another possible reason to debunk the Paige pregnancy rumors is something the wrestler herself had said in an episode of Total Divas from earlier this year. Wrestling Inc. quoted that episode, where Paige suggested that due to a previous surgical operation, she may no longer be able to bear children.

UPDATE (1:00 p.m. ET) — An update from WrestlingNews.co has confirmed that Matt Calicchio has since deleted his tweet claiming Paige is pregnant. Additionally, PWInsider has posted a firm denial of the rumor, explaining that it may have all started from Del Rio’s “I’m pregnant” quip, but making no mention of Calicchio’s tweet.

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