Camden Mother’s Death Streamed Live On Facebook

Keiana Herndon was chatting on Facebook Live when the unexpected happened: death caught up to her.

According to Daily Mail, Herndon was on Facebook on Dec. 28 as she chatted with her friends and family while visiting a pal’s house in El Dorado, Arkansas. At that time, she was carrying Rylee, her 1-year-old son.

Then a few people who were watching began to notice Herndon acting in a weird manner.

Barbara Johnson, the 26-year-old’s aunt, recalled in an interview with KATV, “She go to wiping her face and shaking her head, and I was thinking, what’s wrong with Kei? We call her Kei. She then, she fell back and then Rylee picked the phone up and started talking and playing and then I hear [gasping noise], then I heard one more … “

“I didn’t hear nothing else.”

The Facebook Live stream also recorded her friend going into Herndon’s room and dialing 911. She was later brought to the hospital but it was too late.

Richard Herndon described his daughter as a “very intelligent kid” to Arkansas Matters.

He said that his daughter has been going on Facebook Live in order to update relatives and friends about what’s going on with her life. He added there are no “dull moments” in her videos.

“I haven’t seen the video. I don’t have the strength right now,” he said.

Richard also said that it took the friend around half an hour before going to the room to help his daughter. Although he didn’t blame the friend, he said those watching could have done something immediately.

Apparently, the Facebook Live stream gathered several onlookers after Keiana fell to the floor and her son started crying.

“It’s amazing for someone to sit there and see somebody or hear them take their last breath and nobody did anything,” Richard added. “So, I want to take my hat off to everybody that actual did something.”

“If Keiana is going to leave this earth it’s going to be live. It’s going to be top of the moment,” her father said. “For her to leave two kids so young, so early is… I don’t know how to deal with it.”

There’s no confirmation yet on what caused Keiana Herndon to topple over while streaming a video on Facebook Live. However, her mother claimed that she had a history of heart issues.

“She had thyroid problems,” Mary Morgan said. “The thyroid messes with everything and it triggered her heart. It’s a tragedy, I know that much, and I know one thing, I would love to have my baby back with me.”

Keiana Herndon’s friends have created a GoFundMe page for her two young children. As of press time, it has already collected $2,752 out of the initial $10,000 goal.

This is not the first time that Facebook caught somebody in the throes of death.

In July last year, Diamond Reynolds filmed boyfriend Philando Castile as he lay dying on the passenger seat of their car. Police allegedly shot the victim who was trying to tell the officers that he’s licensed to carry a gun. He was fishing for his ID from his pocket when the officer opened fire, according to Fortune.

“They killed my boyfriend,” Reynolds narrated in Facebook Live. “He was trying to get out his ID and his wallet out his pocket. And he let the officer know that he was—he had a firearm, and he was reaching for his wallet. And the officer just shot him.”

Another instance occurred on South Drake Street in Chicago when Antonio Perkins, 28, was streaming live on Facebook when he was shot. Viewers saw him fall to the ground after hearing several shots being fired.

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