Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Makeup Products

When it comes to looking absolutely fabulous, Kim Kardashian, the queen of glam, has got it right. And after frequent numerous requests from her adoring fans, Kim Kardashian has finally revealed some of her favorite makeup products. In a roughly 10-minute video released on her website and YouTube, the reality TV beauty gives fans an insider look into her “quick” makeup routine with some of her favorite makeup products. It seems that Kim Kardashian likes to have a selection of her favorite makeup brands available and close at hand to keep her looking amazing on camera and selfie ready.

Even though the reality TV star admits that she needs a lot of makeup products to keep up her perfect look, she does have a few essentials that she keeps close at hand for those times when she has to apply her favorite makeup products on her own, which according to Kardashian, takes only about five to 10 minutes.

kim kardashian favorite makeup
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So, what exactly is in Kim Kardashian’s makeup bag that keeps her looking radiant and camera ready?

Kim favors using Neutrogena Makeup Wipes every morning and night after washing her face. She uses the wipes right before applying her foundation and moisturizer, giving her a clean and smooth surface to work with. Next, Kim applies La Mer Perfecting Treatment which she uses as a moisturizer and some highlighter from Benefit (for a little extra sheen), after which she applies a little, Giorgio Armani Shimmer Sheer.

“This just adds shimmer under the foundation, ’cause I love a little extra glow.”

For her foundation, Kim likes to have a choice between either Chanel or Armani makeup brands, which she first color matches and blends on her hand, then applies to all areas of her perfectly structured face, including her lips and the back of her neck. In Kim Kardashians makeup tips, she recommends blending the products on your hand so that she can also achieve an even glow.

Kim likes to cover a drier concealer with Make Up Forever’s Full Cover Camouflage Cream to give her a dewy look, while at the same time offering her full coverage. She uses a beauty blender to best blend her concealers and swears that wetting it before use gives the best results. To finish off her perfect porcelain look, Kardashian rounds off with Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector which she puts on top of her concealer.

kim kardashian makeup
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When it comes to those eyes of hers, one of Kim’s favorite things to do is mix her makeup brands. She uses a mix of LORAC Eye Shadows to create a shade and color that perfectly blends, matches, and highlights her natural brown eye color. She also uses L’Oréal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara and Kevyn Aucoin’s Tiny Wand Mascara to fluff those luscious lashes of hers. One of Kim Kardashian’s makeup tips is to layer her mascara, giving her lashes some extra volume when she is not wearing false eye lashes.

Moving down to her lips, Kim Kardashian again enjoys having a variety of colors and options from her makeup products. Of her favorites are her little sister Kylie’s Kylie Lip Kit in “Candy K,” along with some others. Kim uses both the liquid lipstick and the Pencil Lip Liner from Candy K by Kylie.

Even though when it comes to money, most of Kim Kardashian’s favorite makeup brands are not reserved for the exclusive. Most of the products that Kim favors are those that can be bought over the counter at your local department store without breaking the bank. So if your aim is to radiate like this goddess, remember to check out which are Kim Kardashian’s favorite makeup products and be surprised how little style can actually cost.

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