WWE News: Shane McMahon Has Conflict With Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Behind The Scenes In WWE

The WWE Universe doesn’t truly know the creative process of WWE programming, but they definitely know when there is a problem backstage in the company. Of course, a lot of rumors get taken too seriously, which can lead to false information spreading across the industry. It happens just about everyday. However, the inner workings of WWE can be hard to keep under wraps sometimes. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

It was reported recently that Shane McMahon attempted to “take over” WWE’s creative team back in 2012, which did not come to pass. The belief is that since then, there is some professional tension between Shane, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H. The direction of WWE was in question for at least a little while, and it wasn’t until Shane’s return last year that he’s been able to hold some influence over WWE programming.

He was featured on WWE television and wrestled The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32. For the rest of 2016 and heading into 2017, Shane McMahon has been working on SmackDown with Daniel Bryan and WWE’s creative team to make the brand as strong as possible. Last week, SmackDown topped Raw in the ratings for the first time in WWE history. It’s a great moment in many ways, but it may have caused some trouble.


According to a new report, there is some backstage talk of renewed tension between Shane, Stephanie, and Triple H behind the scenes. The specifics haven’t been revealed, but the belief is that Shane’s influence over WWE’s creative team is the cause of the conflict. Apparently, Shane O’Mac has gained a lot of favor with the creative department, which is helping SmackDown. However, he’s still just working under a talent contract.

Obviously, Vince McMahon is still calling all the spots. Having said that, whatever Shane and company are doing appears to be working for SmackDown. The assumption from some people who see that success could be twisted as a dig against Stephanie and HHH. Shane is given SmackDown, and six months later, the brand is beating Raw in the weekly ratings? What is Shane McMahon doing that Stephanie and Triple H are not?

A lot of the issues could just be that Shane was meant to be a “talent” only. But, that will make the coming months heading into Wrestlemania 33 very interesting to watch. Not only because WWE pulls out the big twists and matches for this time of year, but if there is tension within the McMahon family, it will continue to grow as SmackDown continues to succeed despite Raw having big draws like Goldberg or Brock Lesnar.


SmackDown had the return of John Cena last week, which could explain the ratings “win” over Raw, but the brand also found a lot of success without him for two months, and new WWE Superstars are being relied on to create buzz for the brand. Raw is relying on its star power for good ratings but also gives the WWE Universe strong content like the feud between Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Both brands are working hard.

With Wrestlemania approaching, the WWE Universe knows that WWE is going to put out the best product possible. A huge match between Triple H and Seth Rollins is imminent for WWE’s grandest stage, but Shane McMahon’s role for the event is still up in the air. Recent rumors could have him facing Dean Ambrose, or even someone like Brock Lesnar on the grandest stage of them all.

The speculation will continue to surround WWE programming for the coming months. There is some smoke behind the scenes in WWE right now, so the question is if Shane McMahon’s role is going to expand in the future, the tension between him and the rest of the McMahon family is going to need to be addressed soon.

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