February 26, 2017
Samsung Galaxy Book: 'Laptop's Worst Nightmare'

Samsung might be going after the MacBook as they launch their powerful Windows-powered tablet/laptop.

According to Wired, the new tablet is set to defy the laptop category. Tablets with detachable keyboards has existed for years now. Microsoft's Surface Pro Series has been above the pack and has dominated the corporate industry with this product, but Samsung is going to try to offer a better fit.

Tablets are not necessarily treated as complete laptop alternatives because of their limitations. Since tablets should be thin, the powerhouse behind these kinds of devices could not be as powerful as the ones they have in high-powered laptops.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Samsung Galaxy Book has similar features. With two versions, the 12-inch and the 10-inch, the Samsung Galaxy Book offers an alternative to users. The 10-inch is more user-friendly and portable, but it has lesser specs.

Galaxy New Laptop [Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]
[Image by Andrew Burton/Getty Images]

Weighing just about 1.6 pounds, the Samsung Galaxy Book has a Windows 10 OS and an S Pen stylus. It also has an impressive-looking keyboard cover with ample space for typing.

The Galaxy Book is said to be an update on the Galaxy Tab Pro S, according to Tech Radar. It has a 3:2 screen aspect ratio and a 2,160 x 1,400 resolution. It also has two USB-C ports and can last for up to 10.5 hours. It has 8GB of RAM and a storage up to 256GB.

The Samsung Galaxy Book 12-inch is the higher-end version of the series. It has Intel's latest low-voltage Kaby Lake processor and is only 7.4mm thick. For a tablet/laptop feature, this is a thinly large tablet.

Comparing to the Microsoft Surface, both of these products have nailed the core needs for tablets and working laptops. The portability and weight serve both purposes. However, even though Samsung is eyeing for the same price range as the Surface Pro 4, it has one tiny bit of advantage: the built-in keyboard.

Surface Pro 4 offers multiple accessories to the device including the S Pen and the keyboard. However, the keyboard is sold separately.

With the Samsung Galaxy Book's S Pen, the user has a precise tip which can be used as an alternative to the mouse. The Samsung Book is also touch-screen enabled so users have multiple ways to navigate the device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab [Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]
[Image by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]

Cnet noted that the accessories are convenient to use and their functionality is top of the line.

"I enjoyed using the stylus more than I expected. It's small, comfortable to grip (not too skinny) and the rubber tip gracefully glided across the glass screen the way my favorite ballpoint pen smoothly slides on paper. Unfortunately, there isn't a place on the tablet or keyboard to easily store the S-Pen.
Since this is one of Samsung's top offering, it will be launched with an automatic integration with the Flow software that is only available for Samsung Galaxy devices. This is similar to Apple's iMessage sync.

The Flow software allows the user to access and utilize the messaging in the Samsung Galaxy Book. Texts and messages will appear on the Galaxy Book even though the mobile version is on idle.

The Galaxy Book's 10-inch version is more suited to users who are going to use it for "entertainment." Since this is relatively smaller, it is more approachable for hand-held use.

On the other hand, the 12-inch version is leaning near the computing services. Because it is jam packed with high specs, it can easily be replaced as a work tool instead of just the leisure tablet.

Samsung may have experienced a hard hit on the Samsung Galaxy S7, but they are expected to have a powerful rebound with their newest Samsung Galaxy Book.

[Featured Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]