Houston Shooting: Police Officers Shot At After 5 To 10 Men Rob Homeowner Of $50,000 [Videos]

There has been a big shootout in Houston, according to the Houston Chronicle, which reported that as many as five to 10 men rained down gunfire on Harris County Sheriff’s Office responding officers. The Harris County SWAT team also responded — but armed gunmen were able to make a getaway on Monday evening, after robbing a home of $50,000 in cash. The house — located in north Harris County — was believed to have been a home that was targeted, whereby the thieves may have known it contained large quantities of cash. There were large amounts of drugs found in the home as well.

The melee began at approximately 6 p.m. on Monday night, when authorities received a call from a teen girl in a home in the Greenspoint area of Houston. According to Zillow, properties near the 10000 block of Rosbrook Court, where the robbery occurred, range from $94,000 foreclosure properties to new construction homes worth nearly $400,000. However, officers likely didn’t have property values on their minds when they were met with “dozens of rounds” — according to police — in response to the robbery and assault distress call.

The teen girl was able to escape with her two younger siblings — both under 10 years of age — to the home of a neighbor. The daughter told police that men with guns pistol-whipped their dad while stealing $50,000 in cash from the house. Not only were the kids able to escape, but the five to 10 armed men were also able to eventually escape the scene with the $50,000. Police believe the group of men took off in a white SUV or white Jeep. These details were provide by Sgt. Cedrick Collier, a spokesman for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

As seen in tweets throughout this article from Houston-area reporters, the large police presence in the area was accompanied by commands from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office giving commands via a bullhorn to those in the stand-off. The Harris County SWAT team employed the use of a robot to search the home. Police used dogs to search the nearby bayou. However, no reports of any arrests had been made in the case by late Monday night.

The men who shot at authorities fired off about 20 or 30 rounds, according to Collier — but no officers were reportedly shot. The homeowner who was robbed and beaten was taken to the hospital.

Even though authorities established a perimeter around the entire home, the suspects were still able to get away from the scene.

Videos of the heavy police presence in Harris County could be seen on social media accounts that tracked the melee as it unfolded.

According to Click 2 Houston, the five to 10 suspects were men in their 20s. The publication also reports that one of the people able to catch video of the event was Megan Galvan, a woman who used her phone to capture video of a police officer with his gun running in the street.

“There’s police officers barricaded over behind a police (cars), and they’re ready, they’re ready. They’re ready for anything.”

Galvan reported that it was scary to see the Houston shooting events take place so close to home.

Streets were blocked off during some of the standoff. Comments from social media about the event can be read below.

Ethan Boyd: “This gonna be a loooooooooong year.”

Tommy Hinson: “Just a few minutes from where I grew up. Veterans Memorial and West Rd.”

Rocky Mikesell: “This crap has got to stop. They have the right to defend themselves and I sure hope they do whatever it takes to destroy the enemy.”

Kristian Pedersen: “Feeling pissed off: 2017 already shaping up to be a fine year….”

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