IMDB ‘Sherlock’ Trivia: Freeman’s Real-Life Relationship Is Like Fiction Imitating Reality And Cumberbatch’s Lineage Is Like Destiny

IMDB Sherlock trivia seems like fiction is trying to bridge with reality when the two stars of the hit BBC show are closer to their fictitious roles than what others may think.

For those who haven’t watched the first episode of the fourth season, it would be best not to read on as there are spoilers ahead.

Sherlock’s Season 4 premiere episode features the intrepid detective back in his hunting grounds with a new villain to catch.

Unfortunately, Sherlock’s newest enemy is not going down without bringing someone else with her, and the unfortunate victim in this new adventure according to IMDB Sherlock is none other than Watson’s wife, Mary.

In The Six Thatchers, Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) tries to solve the mystery about who wants Mary (Amanda Abbington) dead and why.

Ajay (Sacha Dawan) is one of the agents associated with Mary back when they were still operating as a freelance task force that carries out covert missions for the British government.

Ajay is hunting down Mary because he believes that she betrayed him and led him to be tortured by terrorists after a botched rescue attempt in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Mary, according to IMDB Sherlock, tried to put some distance between her and John so as to keep him safe but the genius detective put a tracker on her to follow her wherever she goes.

Eventually, both Sherlock and John catch up to Mary in Morocco only to find out that Ajay was able to find her as well because he followed the detective.

Just when Ajay was about to kill Mary, he was shot in the back by the authorities but not before Sherlock was able to find out that some other woman betrayed Ajay and Mary.

Afterward, Sherlock figured out that the culprit they were really after was Vivian Norbury, a secretary of Lady Elizabeth Smallwood (Lindsay Duncan), who was trying to cover up her selling government secrets by tipping off the terrorists about Ajay and Mary’s rescue attempt.

Towards the end of the show, Sherlock confronts Vivian at the London Aquarium telling her that she’s been caught. But before the secretary is herded off in handcuffs she pulls one last stunt that leaves Sherlock speechless and Mary dead.

Vivian tries to shoot Sherlock but Mary, who was also there accompanying him, saved the detective by blocking the bullet with her body.

John arrived just after Mary is shot and right before she dies, she tells her husband how happy she was just being Mary Watson. When Mary finally dies, John’s grief turns to fury when he starts blaming Sherlock for his wife’s death. Seeing that he promised to keep them safe, John says that Sherlock broke his vow and because of that, he hates him with every fiber of his being.

Now that the ties that bind Sherlock and John have totally come undone, there’s no telling what will happen next for the crime-fighting duo, and fans of the series will have to wait for the next episode to see how they will move on from their current situation.

Unfortunately, John’s loss seems like a subtle imitation of reality when Martin Freeman announced his separation from Amanda Abbington late last year.

According to The Guardian, Freeman has separated from Abbington, his wife of 16 years, who ironically enough played his wife on the series.

Martin Freeman has separated from his wife of 16 years, Amanda Abbington.

Freeman didn’t divulge any details as to why they are separating, but he did say that their parting was “amicable.”

He said, “I’m not with Amanda any more. It’s very, very amicable – I’ll always love Amanda.”

As for Benedict Cumberbatch, his involvement with BBC’s Sherlock seems more destined than ever when it was revealed that his lineage connects him to the creator of the smartest detective in the world.

According to The Guardian, Cumberbatch has been revealed to be a distant relative of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the writer who created Sherlock Holmes.

Tracing their ancestry, it seems that Cumberbatch and Doyle were 16th cousins, twice removed, and that their common ancestor is John of Gaunt, who was a duke of Lancaster back in the 14th century.

Benedict Cumberbatch is related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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