Mariah Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Reveals She is Gay: Is The Family Supportive?

Last night, Mariah Brown dropped a huge bombshell and revealed that she is gay. The family was shocked to hear the news, and now everyone wants to know if Mariah’s family is supportive of her or not. She is the first one of the Brown family to say that she is gay and it was a bit of a shock. Starcasm shared a few details about what went down and what Mariah’s family has to say about it all.

When it happened, Robyn Brown said, “are you serious”? Then after that, Christine Brown said, “are you really”? It doesn’t mean that these two don’t support her, but they were just shocked to hear the news coming from her. The preview for next week shows that Kody Brown will say, “We’re not happy Mariah’s gay; we’re happy Mariah knows herself.” Kody is talking about how he feels and also his wife, Robyn Brown. Meri Brown is shocked and says that she thought she knew her daughter better than that. It really does sound like Meri is really just surprised that she didn’t know her only daughter Mariah was gay before the rest of the family.

In the past, the Brown family of Sister Wives has said that they support gay marriage. They are polygamists, and they seem okay with gay marriage as well. That doesn’t mean that they will all support the fact that Mariah is gay, though. It may take a bit for them to get used to the idea. Mariah is Meri Brown’s only daughter and they have been through a lot recently. Mariah was not very happy with her mom after she found out that she was catfished.

Meri Brown went to Twitter last night, and she didn’t say if she supports Mariah Brown’s decision or not. She says, “Thanks for joining us for this shocking episode. Join us next week for more! For now, the family is off to a movie. :) #SisterWives.” Meri Brown then went on to say that she didn’t know about the rerun that was airing. Since then, Meri Brown has talked about her catfishing on Twitter but isn’t saying a word about Mariah Brown yet.

Mariah Brown has been on her Twitter as well and just shared that she has loved all of the support she is getting from the fans. Mariah hasn’t mentioned yet if she is dating anyone, but she did talk about hanging out with her brother Logan and his girlfriend Michelle in Dublin over New Year’s Eve. It sounds like they had a good time. This would have been a long time after Mariah made the announcement so obviously Logan and Michelle are still treating her the same and having a great time with her.

Next week, the viewers will get to see how the entire Brown family feels about Mariah Brown’s announcement. The preview made it clear that the episode will really focus on this next week. So you do not want to miss the episode next Sunday night when they talk about Mariah’s big announcement and how everyone feels about her being gay. Fans can’t wait to see it and were hoping it would happen right after the announcement, but instead they aired a rerun.

Were you shocked to hear that Mariah Brown is gay? Do you think that her entire family is going to support her decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. Next week is the big episode that you do not want to miss.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]