Jen Saviano Reacts To Nick Viall's 'Bachelor' Premiere

What does Jennifer Saviano think of Nick Viall's The Bachelor premiere? On Monday night, as the episode aired, Jen made it clear that she was watching the man who broke her heart on Bachelor in Paradise look for love again at the mansion with several tweets.

As the premiere began, Jen indicated that she was settling in for the night to watch what happens by tweeting the popcorn emoji.

Later, Jen did indicate that she had mixed feelings about the premiere episode. She tweeted that at least the commercial for the new Fifty Shades Darker was exciting. It seems that Jen didn't find the premiere all that great.
Jen also had something to say about one of the contestants, Corinne, a 24-year-old business owner from Miami. The season preview shows Corinne aggressively going after Nick, going so far as taking her bikini top off right in front of him in the pool and, at another point, grinding her nether region against his. Corinne's also shown declaring that she'll have sex with Nick and, going through with her intention, surprising him late at night in his hotel room. With the door closed, Nick could be heard telling Corinne to slow down and that he doesn't think that what they're doing is a good idea.

Jen apparently found Corinne's declaration, "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum," which the preview showed her making during a confessional interview, amusing. Jen tweeted her cheers to platinum vagines.

Jennifer Saviano met Nick Viall on Season 3 of the spin-off Bachelor in Paradise. Nick was clearly excited upon seeing Jen, who previously competed on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, arrive at the resort several weeks in. Nick expressed hope that after his drama with Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray and not having a romantic connection with anyone else, his luck was finally turning. Nick immediately accepted Jen's date invitation and they enjoyed a good date. As the weeks went on, Nick and Jen continued enjoying one another's company and was frequently shown making out.

Yet cracks in their relationship also showed. Jen questioned whether Nick was opening up enough to her. Jen said that Nick was in danger of losing her if he didn't move the relationship further. Nick confessed that after having his heart broken twice on national TV on The Bachelorette, once by Andi Dorfman and once by Kaitlyn Bristowe, he was fearful of it happening again and becoming the butt of jokes. Yet Nick did assure Jen that he was interested in her and wanted to see where things would lead. Jen, in turn, assured Nick that she wanted him. They did eventually spend a final night together in the fantasy suite and Nick was shown meeting with jeweler Neil Lane to pick out an engagement ring.

Yet on the final day, meeting Jen at the engagement podium, Nick broke down in tears as he admitted that he didn't see a future with her, much less an engagement. Jen was surprisingly very composed and actually hugged Nick as he cried. In the van after leaving Jen, Nick cried some more as he wondered whether he was making a big mistake by leaving Jen.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Nick was announced at the next Bachelor in August, Jen tweeted that she won't be returning to the mansion to pursue him. She also indicated that she was guzzling a lot of wine to deal with the shock announcement and shared that she was going to take a "f**k it flight" to New York City.

Sunday night's Countdown to Nick special showed a short montage of Nick and Jen's time together on Bachelor in Paradise, noting that Nick was now taking his fourth chance at finding love on the show after getting dumped by Kaitlyn and Andi and then breaking things off with Jen.

By now, Nick Viall may or may not be engaged to his final The Bachelor pick. How is Jen's love life? In a blog post posted on her personal website in early December, Jen admitted that her dating life was less than ideal.

"If you know me at all, you know I have my positive pants on MOST of the time, I try my best to at least… but here and there, Negative Nancy comes out in FULL force thanks to a shitty mindset // triggered by boy drama, hormones, failure… *recently hit with all 3, the perfect storm to type out this post at 1AM* I guess you can call me Sensitive Sally RN."
Yet Jennifer Saviano also expressed optimism that things will get better and that she just needs faith and patience.

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