Get To Know Corinne Olympios Of 'The Bachelor' 2017, Her Business And More

This season on The Bachelor 2017 with Nick Viall one girl is going to make sure she is noticed by everyone. Corinne Olympios wants Nick to notice her and all of America as well. In her big intro video, Corinne Olympios admitted that at 24, she has a nanny. She also is seen in the preview taking her top off in front of all of the girls and doesn't seem to mind. Romper shared some about Corinne Olympios and the family business that she talks about so much on the show.

Corinne Olympios has made it very clear that her family has money. She shared that she is a business owner, but for some reason, Corinne isn't sharing what her business is which surprises everyone. It sounds like Corinne's family business is so big that they don't need her to name drop it on the show. She shared that it is an online business and she can run it from anywhere, but Corinne is not saying what it is and honestly nobody else can figure it out either. Everyone is curious to find out more, but Corinne isn't sharing just yet.

Another thing about Corinne Olympios of The Bachelor 2017 is that she has a profile up on ExploreTalent and Model Mayhem. She has made it very clear on these profiles that she is interested in acting and modeling both. Corinne shared that she has done some music videos and also the show Unorthodox Approach, but it doesn't seem like this show ever went anywhere at all. There are some rumors that ArmorGarage Inc. might be the company that Corinne's family is involved with, but nobody knows for sure.

This blonde bombshell is obviously not going anywhere soon. Corinne Olympios handed over a bag of tokens to Nick Viall that he can use for various things. She got time with Nick then, but then also took time away from someone else who was spending time with him so she could kiss him. Nick was impressed by it somehow, though. Reality Steve shared a few spoilers about Corinne Olympios' time on The Bachelor 2017 and it doesn't look like she is leaving anytime soon. Corinne went in for a big kiss on night one and Nick didn't turn her away. She was even nice enough to not ask for one of the tokens she gave him in exchange for the kiss. She made it clear to the girls that she kissed him and wanted to make sure they knew about it.

Corinne Olympios will get into a bit of a feud with Taylor later this season and these two end up on a two on one date together. She also gets a group date that goes to a dairy farm. During the preview, Corinne makes it very clear that she wants to have sex with Nick right away and will even sneak into his room to make sure she gets the chance right away. If she doesn't win over Nick Viall, then Corinne Olympios is going to be a perfect candidate for next season of Bachelor in Paradise. They love a girl on that show who isn't afraid to have a good time and get naked.

Are you shocked by the way that Corinne Olympios is acting tonight on The Bachelor 2017? Do you think that she will win over America? Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below and don't miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights on ABC. It really does look like Corinne Olympios is going to be the villain this season who will do anything to win him over. It might be hard for her to win over the viewers, though.

[Featured Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]