Pit Bull Named Scarface Attacks Family After They Try To Dress It In Sweater

Scary news out of Florida this weekend after a family was attacked by their dog.

The Los Angeles Time reported on the incident, saying the pit bull mix named Scarface attacked its owners when they attempted to put a sweater on it. A 52-year-old woman was attacked while trying to dress the pit bull mix, and her husband was subsequently attacked as he tried to pry the dog off of his wife.

"Tampa police say the pit bull mix bit a 52-year-old woman who was trying to dress it Friday; her husband was attacked while trying to pull the dog off her."

The couple's 22-year-old son was then attacked as he tried to defend his parents by stabbing the dog in the head and neck areas, according to the Los Angeles Times. Fortunately, all three family members were able to make it out of their home while leaving the dog in the backyard.

"The three people escaped the house and left the dog in the backyard. They ended up in the hospital."
The family was taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries after fleeing from the pit bull. However, the canine was able to get back into the house before being shot with tranquilizers by animal control and a stun gun by police officers, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"Police say animal control officers shot the animal with a tranquilizer gun, but it managed to get back into the house where two children were. Police used a bean bag gun and stun gun on Scarface before catching the dog."

The Washington Post also covered the incident, saying police action was required after the tranquilizers failed to subdue Scarface, and the dog made it back inside the home where children were present.

"...officers used a stun gun but that the dog was 'still pulling away' and was able to release the device's prongs."

The Post also stated police went on record saying the dog was "pretty aggressive" as they attempted to capture it.

"Officers responding said the dog was pretty aggressive."

The Tampa Bay Times locally reported on the event, saying Scarface's owner, Brenda Guerrero, was attacked after she went outside to put the sweater on the dog. Her husband, Ismael Guerrero, and son Antoine Harris were then attacked as they tried to pull the dog off Brenda.

So far, the story has been picked up by major news outlets such as the Chicago Tribune and Inside Edition, but no updates on the family's conditions have been released. Photos released of Scarface following the attacks show him bloody and appearing to pull against the restraint as the dog is led away. News outlets are showing a photo from Brenda's Facebook that features her posing with Scarface as the dog sits next to her.

A neighbor was also quoted in a video by ABC 7 saying the pit bull mix never harmed anyone that he's heard of prior to Friday's attack. However, the neighbor did point out the family had recently posted a "beware of dog" sign on their fence, and he is glad no children were harmed. It's unclear as of publish if the dog will be euthanized, according to ABC 7.

While pit bull dogs come under a lot of scrutiny by the public, comments on this particular story feature some readers questioning the family's treatment of the dog. One commenter said the dog's name is indicative of how the owners felt about and treated their pet.

"The name 'Scar Face' is indicative of how this dog was treated. He was probably treated and trained like a guard/attack dog. Any dog can react like this under those circumstances. Don't blame the breed, blame the owners."

Another reader suggested perhaps the family wasn't the most loving when it came to their dog called Scarface.

"Sad that it had to come to this. The family named it Scarface after a gangster they must have treated it like one. Sometimes these dogs need freedom from overly possessive or abusive caretakers. Who knows."

Yet, other readers pointed out that despite pit bull owners claiming the breed is sweet and loving, these kind of incidents continue.

"You always hear Pit Bull defenders (Rotts and Presas as well) go on and on about how gentle and sweet they are, and then you read stories of how they attack the very families that care for them."

The commenter went on to add they feel this breed is unstable as they wish to see them outlawed.

"These dogs are unstable and unsafe, and they represent a significant threat to the public. Lawmakers should outlaw the ownership of dogs which are/were bred to attack or fight."

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