WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Arrested After Fight In Austria

Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio was arrested over the weekend in Austria. According to Krone, Alberto Del Rio and his brother El Hijo del Dos Cara were at a nightclub in Leoben when they got into a fight with another patron. The other person in the fight ended up in the hospital while both Alberto Del Rio and El Hijo del Dos Cara were both arrested.

The entire arrest was more than just a typical case of police breaking up a fight in a bar. Police used wire ties to bind Alberto Del Rio and he was able to rip them off. They ended up needing to use ankle cuffs and handcuffs to restrain the former WWE star.

When Alberto Del Rio and El Hijo del Dos Cara were at the police station, the brothers began to fight each other. The reports indicate that it took 10 police officers to separate them. This all happened on Friday night and Alberto Del Rio is back in the United States already.

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Arrested After Fight In Austria

Squared Circle Sirens reported that Alberto Del Rio and WWE Diva Paige showed up in Tampa at the Amalie Arena, the location of tonight’s Monday Night Raw episode. Paige met up with fans outside the arena and she and Del Rio signed autographs for WWE fans in attendance.

When asked about her appearance there, Paige said that she was at the arena at the request of the WWE. Paige said that she was there to undergo a medical evaluation. Paige had neck surgery back on Oct. 19 and is recovering from that procedure.

Alberto Del Rio and Paige were only at the arena for a short time and had already left before the WWE started to tape Monday Night Raw. The two of them signed even more autographs outside the arena before they left.

Interestingly, Paige was on social media earlier in the day as well. While Alberto Del Rio was arrested over the weekend, neither he nor Paige had mentioned anything about it. Paige’s social media post was actually showing off her engagement ring that Alberto Del Rio gave to her.

WWE News: Alberto Del Rio Arrested After Fight In Austria

The entire Alberto Del Rio and Paige relationship is a strange one. The two began dating while both of them were under WWE contracts. They alluded to the fact that the WWE was demanding that Paige split up with him and when that didn’t happen, they had the brand split draft and sent them to different brands.

In August, both were suspended for failing the WWE drug policies and Alberto Del Rio asked for and was granted his WWE release. Paige is still under WWE contract, even though she failed a second drug test. If she fails one more test, she will lose her job in the WWE.


While suspended, Paige was accompanying Alberto Del Rio to his independent shows. It was at one of those shows down in Mexico that Paige asked him to marry her, a proposal which he accepted. The problem right now is that he is still married and is going through a nasty divorce.

When Paige underwent her surgery, it was also against the wishes of the WWE, who claimed Paige did not need surgery. Paige chose to believe her own doctor and underwent the surgery anyway, putting off her WWE return even longer. Until then, she will continue to travel with Alberto Del Rio as he wrestles all over the world.

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