Joseline Hernandez Shows Off Shocking First Photo Of Her Post Baby Body Plus Stevie J Shares First Pictures Of Bonnie Bella

Joseline Hernandez’s bounce back game is on point. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star literally just gave birth to baby Bonnie Bella a few days ago and she’s already posting after selfies on Instagram. Joseline may be all about the drama but there is no denying her body is bangin’ and those pregnancy workouts were well worth it.

The Puerto Rican princess wasn’t even due to give birth until January 9 but her baby came almost two weeks early, ending 2016 with a bang. Now Joseline wants to start 2017 off with another bang by showing off just how great pregnancy was to her. Bonnie Bella was just 4-days-old when Joseline shared a post-baby belly picture of herself and let’s be honest, she looks like she’s never been pregnant a day in her life.

Not to get ridiculous about it but it really looks like Joseline dug up a pre-pregnancy picture of herself and is trying to pass it off as being her four days postpartum. We’re not saying that’s what happened, just that Joseline’s post-baby body bounce back is better than any celebrity in recent memory.

The funny part is that Joseline Hernandez spent a good part of her pregnancy trying to convince fans that she really was expecting a baby. When she announced that she was pregnant during the Season 5 reunion for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, pretty much no one believed her. Even fewer believed that Stevie J was really the father of her child too, with many speculating that the paternity might belong to either Rick Ross or Young Dro, both rappers that she had been spending time with after splitting from Stevie.

Joseline was right, though. She was both pregnant and the baby belongs to Stevie J and according to her very proud daddy, baby Bonnie Bella is beautiful. At least that’s what he wrote on Twitter the day she was born. Since then, Stevie has shared a few pictures of his baby with Joseline Hernandez, being careful to only show her from the back of her head and her adorable baby hands. It’s safe to assume that the first pictures showing off Bonnie Bella’s face will be saved for Joseline’s delivery special that was filmed by VH1.

Aside from not seeing baby Bonnie Bella’s face yet, we also haven’t learned the details of her birth. Fans want to know all about Joseline’s delivery but we also want to know how big the baby was and how much she weighed when she was born last week. Those details are probably also being saved for VH1 and they sure know how to build up anticipation while everyone waits for the delivery special to air. So far, there’s still no announcement about the show and when it might premiere.

What we do know is that Bonnie Bella is not a small baby. She looks pretty chunky and healthy from the back and she has a beautiful headful of curly black hair. The rest of Stevie J’s kids look just like him and there’s no denying paternity. Legally, paternity has already been established for Joseline’s baby but now we want to know if her newborn favors her mom or her dad or if she’s just a perfect mix of them both.

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Joseline Hernandez is looking pretty amazing considering she just gave birth four days ago. Are you looking forward to seeing the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star’s upcoming delivery special on VH1?

[Featured Image by John Salangsang/Invision/AP Images]