Blac Chyna ‘Going To Be Much Easier’ On Rob Kardashian In 2017, Source Reports

There’s no denying that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna had some difficult moments in 2016, but Blac Chyna is ready to move on and is hoping to leave some of the drama in the past.

At least, that’s what one unnamed source for Hollywood Life is saying. According to the report, Chyna resolved to cut her husband-to-be some slack in 2017.

“She knows how sensitive Rob is and how much power her words have with him, and while she wants him to be lose weight and get his act together this year, she’s told him she’s going to be much easier on him.”

Rob Kardashian began 2016 with a bang when it was revealed via social media that the 29-year-old sock designer had hooked up with Kardashian-family nemesis Blac Chyna. Initially, the pair appeared to be in perfect love and living on cloud nine. Within months, a wedding and a pregnancy had been announced.

For a time, Blac Chyna seemed to be the motivation Rob needed to get healthy and happy again. In recent years, Kardashian has struggled with health and depression issues, but Blac seemed to be helping Rob improve both his health and his outlook on life. Together, the pair helped Rob drop a lot of weight, and the former recluse began to get back out there. He started posting to social media again, and eventually Rob even agreed to a reality TV show with his fiancée. Rob & Chyna would mark the first time that Rob had appeared on TV since his Keeping Up with the Kardashians days.

But the year wasn’t without drama. It didn’t take long for rumors to fly that Blac had cheated on Rob, and some even questioned whether Rob was the father of the baby Chyna was carrying. Chyna had a paternity test conducted to prove that Kardashian was, in fact, the father of Blac’s baby. Still, rumors persisted, fueled by photos of Blac kissing rapper Pilot Jones. The cheating scandal blew over when Chyna revealed via Instagram that Jones is gay. She said the photos were taken to make one of Jones’ exes jealous.

Not long after, Blac Chyna gave birth to Rob’s baby girl, Dream Kardashian. The couple filmed parts of the baby’s arrival for a special episode of their Rob & Chyna reality show.

Later, Rob and Chyna found themselves in headlines of all the celebrity gossip websites when Rob revealed via social media that Chyna had packed up Dream’s nursery and taken the baby. Some questioned the timing of Rob’s revelation, given that the special about Dream’s birth was set to air shortly after the posts. However, subsequent reports indicated that the drama between Rob and Chyna was very real, as Chyna was said to have physically attacked Rob prior to leaving.

Whatever the case may have been, it’s in the past, as Rob and Chyna are looking toward 2017 with optimism. The couple shared a New Year’s Eve video looking cozy on Snapchat, and a Hollywood Life source is reporting that the couple is behaving like they’re in a new relationship.

“They’re telling each other how much they’re in love. It’s like they’re newlyweds who never experienced any drama.”

What do you think of the resolution made by Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna? Do you think the pair will make it through 2017 without any major public drama or conflict? Why or why not?

[Featured Image by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]