Countless People Remember A Movie Called ‘Shazaam’ That Starred Sinbad…But It Doesn’t Even Exist – The Mandela Effect In Place?

In this current day and age, there are many things out there which aren’t even close to being true. The Internet hoax is a real thing and many people fall for them due to not reading all the way through or by simply believing everything put in front of them. Then, there are the conspiracy theories which are a bit more involved and bring about more research. Conspiracy theories such as…how do so many people remember a movie where Sinbad starred as a genie if it doesn’t exist?

Yes, there is actually a group of people who insist that the movie “Shazaam” does indeed exist and that the comedian known as Sinbad starred in it. Was the film simply removed from all existence or is it a case of the Mandela Effect?

As reported by the New Statesman, there was a cheesy comedy from the ’90s that was called “Shazaam” and it starred Sinbad. Like with many old movies that have become cult classics, people hop on different social media sites and forums to discuss this film, their favorite scenes, and how much they remember of it.

The only problem…is that it doesn’t actually exist, and Sinbad himself will tell you that.

That’s right, there is no movie called “Shazaam” that starred Sinbad. Don’t get things confused because it may sound familiar, but that is because there was a movie called Kazaam and it was released in 1996. That movie was about a genie but it starred Shaquille O’Neal in the leading role and not Sinbad.

The Internet Movie Database proves that movie does exist and Sinbad had nothing at all to do with it. It wasn’t the best movie in the world, but it is real, unlike the movie “Shazaam” that so many people vividly remember and insist is a thing.

Despite the fact that the movie in serious question doesn’t exist, there are forums and threads on Reddit devoted to people sharing memories from it. Not only are people talking about how much they love the movie, but they are even referencing certain scenes that they enjoyed.

Still, there are people that insist the movie is real and that is where the conspiracy theory comes into play. How could something that so many people remember be fake? Well, while it could be a conspiracy theory with the hope that the world will believe them, or it could be a case of the Mandela Effect.

Snopes describes the Mandela Effect as a “collective misremembering of a fact or event.” Not only do people believe that “Shazaam” exists, but their memories of it receive some affirmation as more and more people feed into it. They figure that if this many people believe it, it has to be true.

Well, in this case, it isn’t true. “Shazaam” is not real and it was never made or filmed.

This particular image of Sinbad in a genie turban isn’t proof that he was in a movie as a magician from the lamp. He hosted an afternoon of Sinbad the Sailor movies back in 1994, and the Internet took the picture and blew it out of proportion.

Many cases of the Mandela Effect have come into play over the last couple of decades and Buzzfeed put together an interesting collection of them. Some of the more interesting examples are:

  • “Oscar Meyer” is really spelled “Oscar Mayer”
  • Curious George never had a tail
  • “Sex in the City” is actually a show called Sex and the City
  • The tip of Pikachu’s tail isn’t black
  • The line “Luke, I am your father” is never once uttered in any Star Wars movie

No matter how hard you try to find actual proof that a movie called “Shazaam” exists, you simply will come up empty. There is no legitimate proof that Sinbad ever starred as a genie in a movie or TV show or anything at all, but he most certainly didn’t star in a flick called “Shazaam.” No matter how many people believe it is real and hidden from the world, it was never a reality and the Mandela Effect has simply struck again.

[Featured Image by Mike Moore/Getty Images]