Top 6 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Couples Throughout the Years

There have been so many couples on Grey’s Anatomy throughout the years. Each main cast member has been in a relationship with at least two different people throughout the 12-and-a-half-year run. Here’s a look at the top six Grey’s Anatomy couples throughout those years.

6. Alex and Jo

This is going to be a controversial decision considering the current storyline, but there is one main reason the two work together: they have very similar backgrounds. Their shared backstories have helped them understand each other in ways that nobody else could. Unfortunately, those backstories have also led to a breakup.

Jo lied to Alex about being married. She feared her husband would find her and hurt Alex. If it wasn’t for the current court case, maybe more Grey’s Anatomy fans could be supportive of them as a couple. There was an element of Jo just trying to protect Alex, but it backfired on her.

5. Callie and Arizona—Calzona

There were definitely some major flaws in this couple, but it didn’t stop fans rooting for them to stay together. Arizona helped to build Callie’s confidence in liking women, and that was a major storyline for LGBT fans. The two helped to prove that sexual preference has no effect on your ability to do a job and care for patients. The show also helped prove that true friends will never judge over sexual preference, but it can still be difficult for family members.

Unfortunately, the major flaws did lead to the end of the relationship. It also led to one of the most opinion-divided custody battles on the show. Who did you think should have gained full custody over Sofia?

4. Jackson and April—Japril

Jackson and April are perfect for each other. They were friends before they hooked up, and they did at one point want the best for each other. It wasn’t overly selfish reasons that broke the two up. They lost a child and couldn’t find a common way to grieve afterward. It was clear that April wanted to do something to get away from the place that she lost her son for a while, but Jackson just couldn’t understand that.

There is hope for Japril in the future. They have a daughter together and Jackson is trying his hardest to be a dad, despite April telling him he had an out. Now if only we can get rid of Catherine Avery’s meddling!

#3. Meredith and Derek—MerDer

Yes, a controversial positioning for this couple. Meredith and Derek were the first couple to get together. They broke up temporarily when Derek tried again with Addison, but they ultimately found themselves together again.

Why aren’t they the top spot, like Hollywood Gossip believes they should be? Derek was far too selfish. He focused so much on his career that Meredith didn’t stand a chance. When she stood up for herself, Derek made a decision and then blamed Meredith for that. He put far too much pressure on her to “prove his decision right.” As Cristina said in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 finale, Derek thought he was the sun, but that was really Meredith.

2. Lexie and Jackson

While Jackson and April are great together, Jackson and Lexie were better. They made a beautiful couple and cared about each other. They didn’t care what others thought about them being together, and Jackson cared so much about Lexie that he arranged a visit to Molly so Lexie didn’t have to meet his mother. While it seemed strange at first, it’s now very understandable why he did that!

There was a chance for the two to be together, but in the end, Jackson decided to give Lexie an out. He knew that she was still in love with Mark and didn’t want to play second fiddle. He did the best for the two of them with that decision, even if it seemed like a hurtful one at first.

#1. Lexie and Sloan—Slexie


This couple had a bittersweet ending, and maybe that is the reason for them being in the top spot. They didn’t have the chance to mess everything up once they got back together.

Many people claim that Lexie was selfish. She broke up with Mark because he wanted a family and she didn’t. He wanted her to be a stepmom to the teenage daughter he didn’t know he had (and a step-grandmother), and then he wanted her to be a stepmom to his baby with Callie, Sofia.

Lexie wasn’t ready for such a commitment. She was a decade younger than Mark at least, which caused problems for them. They did try to push past that, and eventually, Lexie admitted that she loved Mark too much to let age and family preferences keep them apart. It was too late; an episode later, Lexie died in a plane crash, with Mark soon following after.

Do you agree with this list? Don’t forget that Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 returns on January 19 on ABC.

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