‘The Curse of Oak Island’ Team Continues Searching For The Elusive Treasure [Recap & Spoilers]

With only five more episodes left of Season 4 of The Curse of Oak Island, fans of the show are still optimistic that the Lagina brothers and their team of experts can solve the Oak Island mystery. So far, all attempts to locate and retrieve any substantial treasure has led to failure, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something buried deep under the ground of Oak Island. If there’s anything to find, Rick and Marty Lagina have the team, equipment, and funds to make it happen. They also have the grit and determination to see it through, and if anyone can find the treasure, it would be Rick, Marty, and their team.


Mysteries of Canada shared that during the last episode of The Curse of Oak Island, titled “All That Glitters,” the team concentrated their efforts on the Money Pit and the swamp. After the swamp was drained, Jack Begley and Alex Lagina accompanied metal detection expert Gary Drayton as he scanned the swamp with his metal detector. To their surprise, he found a large iron nail that looked like a railroad spike, but Drayton believed it could be a deck spike from a Spanish galleon. The Curse of Oak Island team decided to have the spike examined by a professional who can accurately identify the object.

At the Money Pit, the team focused on reaching a 21-foot deep cavity in a bore hole simply called C1. As the last few inches of C1 are drilled and the cavity is breached, hopes run high that whatever it was that Rick and Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse saw in the bore hole during the previous season of The Curse of Oak Island can be recovered. They were certain the object they saw was metallic and looked like it was made of gold.

The Curse of Oak Island aired a sneak peek at the next episode of The Curse of Oak Island, titled “The Mystery of Samuel Ball,” revealing that once the team broke through the cavity, they quickly realized that whatever they may have seen is probably now at the bottom of the void. Dropping a high-resolution camera down into the cavity reveals other objects that have a golden sheen to them, but the team quickly realizes it’s just rock reflecting back light from the camera.

After sending the camera all the way down to the silty bottom, lack of visibility prevents any further examination. On the next episode of The Curse of Oak Island, they decide to hammer grab for objects that may be on the bottom, then run sonar. Depending on the results from the sonar scan, a diver may be sent down to personally inspect the cavity. The hammer grab seems to pay off when the video clip shows a team member pulling an object from the mud that was brought up from the cavity.

Another preview video of the new episode shows Drayton showing something to Marty after he swept an area in the forest with his metal detector. Monsters and Critics shared that they receive multiple hits, and although it’s difficult to tell exactly what they find in the clip, Drayton and Barkhouse seem to be showing Marty several coins.

“1700s, that changes a lot,” Marty remarks after looking at the objects in Drayton’s hand. “They’re not supposed to be here.”

The next episode is intriguing on several levels, and the team may be one step closer to discovering something important in regard to what kind of treasure they may be looking for. The shipwreck theory hinges on a story told by the crew of a wrecked Spanish galleon that was reported to be loaded with treasure. The galleon is believed to have beached on the island while heading from Havana back to Spain sometime in the 17th or the early 18th centuries.

Perhaps the treasure they are looking for once belonged to Captain William Kidd or some other pirate. Local stories abound of Spanish, French, British, and Dutch pirates spending time at Oak Island from the late 16th century up to the early 18th century. Or, perhaps, the treasure they are seeking was hidden by the Knights Templar. There are so many theories to examine, and most likely the only way to solve the mystery once and for all is to locate the treasure, which should tell the Lagina’s who left it behind.

Are you a fan of the show? Do you believe they will eventually find the treasure? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The Curse of Oak Island airs on Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. ET on the History Channel.

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